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17.7.2019 | Pukhraj Ranjan

Join The HundrED Community On Twitter To Explore How Leaders Can Shape A Better Education System

Wanting to always engage with our community in multiple ways, we will be hosting our first Twitter Chat of the year 2019 on Thursday, 25th July 2019 at 1500 UTC! Join us in a discussion on collective leadership in bettering education systems with our Ambassador, Vandita Morarka from India!

Over the course of July, we have been focusing on the theme of "Leaders Shaping A Better Education System" across our media platforms. From articles to Facebook lives, we now also want to engage with our community on Twitter! On this Twitter Chat, we will be exploring questions like "What can leaders do to create change in education? Who are the outstanding leaders around the world? What examples are there of effective change coming from above and why are they doing what they do?"


Where and when is the Twitter Chat?

The #HundrEDChat is hosted with the help of our community and ambassadors on the HundrED Twitter Channel. We invite everyone to actively participate in this global discussion! 

Join the conversation on Thursday, July 25, 2019, at 15:00 (UTC).

This month's chat will be hosted by our Ambassador, Vandita Morarka from India.


Vandita Morarka is a lawyer, development policy consultant and rights-based facilitator. She is the Founder & CEO of One Future Collective, a feminist youth-led not for profit focused on harnessing the power of young people to lead change in their micro-communities for systemic transformation. 


HundrED Chats take place monthly on Twitter and we invite everyone to actively participate in the conversation! Contact our Head of Community, Pukhraj Ranjan, for more information: pukhraj@hundred.org.