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16.1.2024 |

HundrED Spotlight on Qatar 2025 Identifying Innovations for a Knowledge-Based Future

We're delighted to announce the launch of the second HundrED Spotlight on Qatar 2025 in partnership with the Qatar Foundation, to identify innovative practices that support building a knowledge-based future. HundrED Spotlights are an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into education innovations and trends either in a specific area of education or within a certain geographic location.

Following the success of the first Spotlight project in early 2023, HundrED continues its fruitful partnership with the Qatar Foundation into 2025. This continued collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment in fostering educational innovation and excellence. Qatar Foundation's extensive experience and resources, combined with HundrED's global network and expertise in identifying educational innovations, create a powerful synergy for advancing Qatar's educational ambitions.

Building on this foundation, HundrED, in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation (QF), has launched this Spotlight initiative. This particular project aims to discover and promote scalable and impactful educational innovations that can further enhance Qatar's educational landscape. The Spotlight initiative is an open call to educators, innovators, and leaders in the educational sector to present solutions that embody creativity and effectiveness within the Qatari context and thematic areas, such as the Arabic language and culture, student engagement and innovations, and education beyond the classroom.

“We started to work together with the Qatar Foundation in 2018. Through this collaboration, we have showcased a range of innovative solutions, reflecting the diverse and dynamic nature of education in Qatar. We have been excited to follow the work of the first Spotlight’s selected innovators, how they have progressed with their pedagogical approaches and how they have been engaging students across the sector,” says Executive Director Lasse Leponiemi from HundrED.  

“Qatar is allocating about 10% of the national budget to education" - Education Sector in Qatar - Current State Assessment Series, Qatar Development Bank

Qatar is rapidly transforming into a global leader in education. With a commitment to sustainable development, this Gulf state has made notable investments in the education sector, allocating about 10% of its national budget to education.

Serving a population of 2.9 million, with a substantial expatriate community, Qatar's education system caters to a wide array of student needs. The country offers a blend of independent, public, and international schools with over 282,000 students in K-12 education. Qatar is dedicated to providing high-calibre educational opportunities which is evidenced by the nation's impressive rankings in global education indices.

“Together with HundrED we can identify impactful and scalable education innovations across all the schools in Qatar, and provide opportunities for collaboration and co-creation within schools locally and internationally. We believe it is only through education that we can move towards a sustainable future that is built on knowledge,” states Maryam H. Al-Hajri, Director of Partnerships at Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships division.

If you are working within Qatar's education system, please find out more information about the HundrED Spotlight on Qatar 2025 and submit your innovation for a review before 15 April, 2024.

Spotlight on Qatar 2025