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14.2.2023 |

HundrED opens call for post-doctoral researcher through the PoDoCo programme

HundrED is now accepting applications for a postdoctoral researcher through the PoDoCo programme. Applicants must be eligible for PoDoCo funding. PoDoCo Spring 2023 Application Round is open March 1 – April 15, 2023.

HundrED is a mission-driven organisation transforming K12 education through innovation. Through identifying, amplifying, and facilitating the implementation of K12 education innovations, our global education systems can be transformed and students equipped with the skills to thrive as global citizens. Building on the success of our thematic and regional Spotlight initiatives, there has been an explicit request from our stakeholders to accompany them in the next phase of their innovation journey and support the implementation of innovations within an education system. 

HundrED has noted that this demand has been bidirectional, from both the “problem owner” education system leaders who wish to implement transformation within a specific context, and importantly from the “solution provider” innovators who wish to see their work shared beyond their immediate network to deliver impact at scale. Innovators bring a solution to the table with a proven track record; they bring their experience of the implementation journey and an in-depth understanding of what has succeeded and failed within their local context. They lack the resources and opportunity to scale, the support from system leaders to empower change and the facilitating role of an organisation like HundrED who translates the needs of an implementer and can provide the connectivity between the two.

 To address this challenge, HundrED, in partnership with its community of education stakeholders has established an education innovation centre dedicated to enabling and facilitating the work of both innovators and implementers, driving innovation at scale.

Scope of research for this position:

HundrED’s research activities focus on the spread of education innovations at the primary and secondary school levels globally. Ongoing projects in 2023 include research on gamified learning and curricula, youth innovation, student wellbeing and the spread of educational technologies in Bangladesh. The postdoctoral researcher will work with the development of HundrED’s implementation centre, conducting theoretical and empirical research on the diffusion of education innovations and implementation of educational programmes at scale. 

What we are looking for:

The ideal researcher will bring a depth of theoretical knowledge paired with practical know-how related to implementing educational programs or interventions, or in researching such implementations. A background in educational sciences, teacher education, innovation science, implementation science, organisational change, educational psychology or educational sociology are preferred. Excellent writing skills in academic and general science communication in English are required. The researcher should be familiar with basic qualitative and quantitative methods. Applicants must be eligible for PoDoCo funding

PoDoCo Spring 2023 Application Round is open March 1 – April 15, 2023. If you are interested in applying for PoDoCo funding with HundrED, please contact us at