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7.11.2018 | Josephine Lister |

HundrED Innovation Summit Celebrates The World's Most Inspiring Innovations Of 2019

Join in the fun of HundrED's innovation summit by watching our live stream, following our live-tweets on twitter and discovering a few of this year's innovations on Instagram.

The HundrED Innovation Summit is officially underway! The 100 Inspiring Innovations of 2019 were announced in Helsinki on the 7th of November.

We're not quite finished there though! Over the 8th and 9th of November, the HundrED Innovation Summit will be hosting keynote speeches from some of the most forward-thinking individuals currently in the world of education. We'll also be hearing from the innovators themselves about their ground-breaking, inspirational work that is transforming education for the better and helping every child to flourish.

Join us online by watching our live stream, follow us on Twitter where we'll be live-tweeting the events and start to explore our innovations as we share their stories on our Instagram. Or go all out, and check out the full 100 on our website!

Whatever your preferred platform, we'll be here sharing some of the most exciting talks in education over the next few days and celebrating the work of inspirational educators, organisations and individuals!