HundrED Academy


Last year our Advisory Board made up of experts such as Connie K ChungPasi Sahlberg, & Pak Tee Ng provided invaluable feedback as part of our selection process. Following the success of last year, we are expanding to a HundrED Academy of 100 members including experts, educators, and young people, in equal measure, to engage all stakeholders in this important conversation. 

To gain insight into the types of innovations we are selecting, check out our 2017- 2018 collection.


HundrED Academy


Purpose: The Academy will consist of 100 education stakeholders who can provide insights into their area of expertise or interest to suggest and review selected innovations for 2018-19.

Members Profile: Academy members will cover each need in education identified through the initial research process, as well as spanning across every continent & numerous countries. Academy members span education sharing knowledge and experience, as well as passion and drive for inspiring innovations in education.


Identified Thematic Needs in Education:

  • Breadth of skills 
  • Inclusion
  • Educators
  • Holistic Education
  • Assessment 
  • Personalized Learning
  • Global Citizenship
  • Leadership
  • Youth Voice
  • Basic Education


Academy Member Role:

Recommend innovations for our HundrED Global 2018-19 research: Recommend innovations from your region and/or areas of expertise to be considered for the HundrED Global Collection research process.

Provide valuable insight: Vote & share feedback on your favorite innovations by using our simple poll platform on all innovations in your area of specialty.


HundrED Youth Academy

We value student voice in everything we do. As we research and select innovations for the Global 2019 Collection, we invite youth from around the world to share their insights and feedback on submissions.

If interested, please leave us your details here

If you are under 13 years of age, please note that you will need to fill an additional parental consent form and if over, there is no form, but we encourage you to inform your parents.