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27.7.2018 |

How Can We Make Sure Every Child Flourishes? Our Research Report On Improving Education Has Been Published!

Our research report ‘Every Child To Flourish’, which investigates global perspectives on improving education, has been published! The research, which includes a Global Youth Survey and State of the Debate Review, investigates the areas that need improving in education across the world and the solutions needed to combat them.

Our research report ‘Every Child to Flourish’ is now available for download! The report encapsulates decades of research into what needs to improve in education, and includes a Global Youth Survey and State of the Debate Review, providing a positive, empathic, action-oriented response to change.

We conducted this research to better understand the needs of all stakeholders across the field of education to guide our research process in understanding and selecting global innovations.

One of the key findings we found, was that 83% of students want a greater focus on skills that prepare them for their future career.

The report highlights the need for change, showcasing viewpoints of 322 young people, under the age of eighteen, from nineteen countries across the world, indicating a disconnect between students’ expectations and experience of education. Crucially, the survey reveals that students in multiple countries have a shared view on whether they are adequately prepared for their lives post-school.

This goes to show that teenagers are not disinterested in their education, but rather seek to be involved in its development. After all, they are the ones who have the most to lose if their education falls short.

This sentiment is keenly evident in the video produced by HundrED Youth Ambassador Jordy Angel Coldwell from Mexico, who took part in a year-long exchange project to study in Finland. Watch her interview with young people around the world here:



Our theory of change at HundrED, inline with Brookings latest research on leapfrogging, is that the way to accelerate change in education is through supporting valuable innovations to spread. The overall purpose of this report is to understand multiple stakeholders, worldover, to ensure the innovations we support showcase the breadth of needs required to create change and highlight many areas that are not typically visible on the global stage. Our research report is the first of its kind to hold a comprehensive look at multi-stakeholder opinions on how to improve education.

As with all research, our findings have limitations. We strive to incorporate smarter uses of data and partnerships and to become increasingly inclusive and diverse in our sources. So we invite anyone to share with us what they think needs improving in education – we would love to hear from you and include your voice in our next research report. Please share your thoughts in our survey! We are also looking for young people to join our Academy to provide suggestions and feedback on global innovations for selection, if you’re interested, please apply here!

Our research report, 'Every Child To Flourish: Understanding Global Perspectives On Improving Education' authored by Jessica Spencer-Keyse and Frederika Warren, supported by Jamie Galloway, is available to read now! Download it for free here.