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26.9.2018 |

How Can We Foster Collaborative Problem Solving? Julie H Stern

"It's not about right or wrong anymore, it's about improving the quality of our thinking and the depth of our understanding"

We were very grateful to have HundrED Ambassador Julie Stern host a WEB-nesday via Facebook Live on September 26th, 2018.  Missed it? Catch the recording here! 

Who is Julie Stern? 

Julie Stern is a teacher trainer focused on empowering students to solve complex problems such as poverty and climate change, and the author of Tools for Teaching Conceptual Understanding. Stern was also the Director of Public Policy and Curriculum Innovation, leading the revision of curriculum in all subject areas grades 6 – 12 at the Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools in Washington, DC, and has a Master’s Degree in International Education from The George Washington University. 


HundrED WEB-nesdays take place weekly via Facebook Live and we invite everyone to actively participate in the conversation! You can access the webinars by joining the HundrED Facebook page. Contact our Global Community Manager, Pukhraj Ranjan, for more information: