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17.6.2019 | Pukhraj Ranjan |

How Can Radio Broadcasts Improve Educational Quality, Equity and Inclusiveness? -Fakhira Najib & Mohammad Zubair | HundrED WEBday

Fakhira Najib & Mohammad Zubair, Broad Class - Listen to Learn Interactive Radio Instruction from Pakistan went live on the HundrED Facebook Page to share how their program combines radio broadcasts with active learning to improve educational quality, equity, inclusiveness and teaching practices with the ultimate goal of achieving gains in learning, including gains in girls' achievement and closing the rural/urban education gap and increased access for out-of-school learners. Watch now!

This video first appeared on our Facebook page on March 6th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series.


Who are Fakhira Najib & Mohammad Zubair?

Ms. Fakhira Najib, an internationally recognized leader in Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) has more than 20 years professional experience. She is currently working as Chief Executive of Power99 Foundation 

Ms. Fakhira is an educationist by profession and has worked on a program focused on enhancing the professional skills of primary school teachers and University faculty through extensive pieces of training. Involving parents in school activities hitherto nonexistent in public schools and making non-literate parents a part of their child’s learning by teaching them basic literacy and basic math skills through the intergenerational Family Literacy components. She conducted much training of formal and nonformal school teachers and faculty of public universities including Mentors’ training for the sustainability of the program. She has worked with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for the incorporation of its ready to teach faculty courses as reference material into the course outline of B.Ed. and M.Ed. curriculum. She was part of 2006 National ECE Curriculum review team   Ms. Fakhira, attended five members round table conference during First Lady Mrs. Laura Bush visit to Pakistan (2006). She has represented Pakistan in Bangkok for a workshop on curriculum designating. She has also got training on creating child centered classrooms in Washington DC, in 2003.  She received media management training from Radio Netherland Training Center Helviursum, in 2015 and was a part of shot term scholarship program for women journalists in the US , in 2019. 

Ms. Fakhira has conceptualized and developed Broadclass – Listen to Learn”  a distance education program that combines radio broadcast with active learning to improve quality, equity and inclusiveness The use of low-cost technology has resulted in widespread uptake by schools which experience difficulties with school attendance and teacher engagement in new teaching practices. The program has been designed in such a way that it responds to all the diverse needs of the learners. The program received multiple recognitions and awards at both national and International forums 

Mr. Mohammad Zubair has more than 28 years of diverse experience in the social sector and more than 18 years in the education sector.  He is currently working as Program Manager with POWER99 Foundation since 2012 and is overseeing implementation of IRI program in public schools in various districts of Pakistan.  Mr. Zubair is responsible for designing, implementation, and monitoring of project activities. Before joining POWER99 Foundation, he worked with Children’s Resources International Inc. Pakistan and has developed and managed various donor-funded programs including (1) the USAID fundedInteractive Teaching and Learning Program, (2) a sub-award of the USAID-funded Links to Learning: ED-LINKS program, and (3) School Improvement Program funded by Plan Pakistan (4).UNOCHA funded Creating Child-Friendly Classrooms for children in Southern Punjab and Thatta, UNICEF funded Early Childhood Education program in various parts of Sindh and various other donor-funded projects. 

Mr. Zubair is responsible for program implementation, monitoring, and technical assistance delivery, and liaison with donors, partner organizations, government, and the private sector. He is highly proficient in donor policies and procedures, having worked on a number of donor-funded projects in which he has developed work plans and performance reports, overseen program evaluations, ensured fulfillment of performance indicators and led the process of budget development and financial reporting. Mr. Zubair has implementation experience in all provinces of Pakistan. He has also implemented various programs in KPK province including School Improvement Program and UNICEF funded “Let’s Go to School” project in district Buner of KPK province. Mr. Zubair also worked with Enterprise & Development Consulting (Pvt.) Limited for more than eleven years and was involved in the preparation of project proposals and budgets for new projects, Monitoring, and Evaluation, Surveys and Project Management of various donor-funded projects.


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