How Can Dance & Music Be Used As A Tool That Inspires Teachers? - Natalia Fénix | HundrED WEBday

13.10.2019 | BY PUKHRAJ RANJAN

This video first appeared on our Facebook page on October 2nd, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 


Who is Natalia Fénix?

Natalia Fenix is a young Mexican educator committed to the development of young children in Mexico and across the world. She runs social projects for kids in elementary schools using Dance & Music as tools.

Her journey in the education space started 10 years ago through a temporary job that ended up becoming her passion and helped her realize her commitment to childhood wellbeing. Together with an enormous interest in finding the best ways to preserve kid’s curiosity, creativity, naivety and energy of knowing the world, in 2011, Natalia entered the Voluntary program in a Youth Movement. During her time there she found her interest in training youth in varied ways of communicating, so they can discover their talents while having fun and by learning about their selves.

Since 2013 she formally started her preparation as a Teacher (Trainer), and in 2018 she moved to Berlin for certification in Dance Pedagogics and Choreography.



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