How Are Students Accumulating Literacy In The World? - Vrinda Gandhi | HundrED WEBday

22.8.2019 | BY KATIJA ALADIN

This video first appeared on our Facebook page on August 21st, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 




Who is Vrinda Gandhi?

Vrinda Gandhi is a 16-year-old with ideologies and thoughts roaming in her mind. Since childhood, she changed her ambitions like a student changes his pen. She always had a way of ‘presenting’ her opinions and not ‘shaping’ them according to society. She is a student at Ryan International School and is an active participant in the programs that the school conducts for social causes. Vrinda mightily worships the world of Netflix and books. Her favorite hobbies include cooking, traveling and creating conspiracy theories about the world.

Education, for her, is a humanitarian right; a basic necessity and people who can’t afford/don’t have the access to it have to face discrimination in terms of work, living, and daily activities. The meaning of literacy, for her, is ‘equality’. Her grandparents struggled with seeking education and that’s what inspires her to help those who want to learn and explore this world. She is a Youth Ambassador of HundrED, World Literacy Foundation, and Pehechaan NGO. 


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