Enhancing Skills, Empowering Children – Sheeba Ajmal on Technology for a Cause


This video first appeared on our Facebook page on February 6th, 2019, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 



Who is Sheeba Ajmal? 

Sheeba Ajmal is a certified trainer who teaches and trains using digital technology from Cambridge. She loves exploring education technology tools and resources. She has had great experiences working with the renowned educational institution of our country, Beaconhouse School System for almost 12 years. During these 12 years, she has worked in different capacities from being a Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Regional Assistant Manager for Education Technology. 

For the past 2 years or so, she has been working on her project titled “Technology For A Cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids” which aims to provide quality educational experiences to the most deserving and underprivileged kids of the society. Currently, the project is active in 2 schools in KPK , Peshawar i.e Ranaa Child Welfare Foundation and SOS Children’s Village Peshawar in Pakistan.

During these two years, she has been involved in different professional development courses, including Google Certified Educator level 1 and level 2, an insight into the education system in Finland through online courses i.e

  • Finnish Education 2.0 - Phenomenal Learning and 21st Century Competencies

  • Early Learning and Pre- School education 2.0 - Child-centered and playful learning in Finland.

Apart from this, she is also a blogger. Her passion to work with education technology is evident from her blog posts ( During these two years, she completed her ebook titled “My 50 blogs - Exploring Education Technology in Schools in Pakistan”.

The project is also registered with the United Nations SDG  Partnership platformas a voluntarily initiative.


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