Cyber-Seniors Are Inviting Young People To Take Action And Keep Seniors Safe During Global Pandemic


If being stuck inside with extra time on your hands has you feeling restless and helpless, there is something you can do: keep senior citizens safe and connected during this time of crisis by putting your tech skills to work! 

Cyber-Seniors is an intergenerational program that trains young people to be tech mentors for senior citizens. Even though all in-person Cyber-Seniors programs have been put on hold, our work continues -- and is more important than ever! Seniors need to be able to connect with friends, family members and essential services through the use of technology, and we have the means to make this happen! Join us! 

For the duration of this pandemic we will be offering students aged 15 and up FREE access to the Cyber-Seniors Mentor Training program. The program consists of 6 on-line training videos and quizzes and only takes a few hours. Upon completion of the program, certified tech mentors can sign up to host virtual tech trainings and support sessions for senior citizens around the world. Simply go to and sign up to become a member.

Also, please help us by letting any Seniors you know that they can: 

  • register online for a group session or one-on-one tech-support by visiting our website at; or
  • access the over 1200 training tutorials (soon available in Spanish and French) and the Cyber-Seniors discussion forum by calling us at 1-844-217-3057 to register. 

Cyber-Seniors is waiving all fees and providing free access to its tech training resources for all individuals and organizations during this pandemic. 

The ability to use online communication applications to stay connected is vital for older adults and other vulnerable people. Helping a senior learn to use transactional websites to order groceries, pharmaceuticals, food delivery, etc., will make a big difference in allowing them to remain self-sufficient from the safety of their home. In the best of times, digital literacy can be life-altering; in times like these, it can be life-saving. 

Together we will make a difference in bridging the digital divide and helping seniors be more connected.

Upcoming Webinar Schedule

Cyber-Seniors wil be hosting new webinars every week! Check out their website for more information.

Monday, April 6: Grocery Shopping Online: Register

Tuesday, April 7: Video Calling: Register

Wednesday, April 8: Online Games (With Friends): Register

Thursday, April 9: Prescription Refills Online: Register

Friday, April 10: Reading Online: How To Access Ebooks: Register

Register for a FREE membership to access the Mentor Training program. You will then be directed to find a session that works for you to help a senior in need. For more articles, innovations & resources, head to our Educator Toolkit especially designed to support educators & parents during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Pukhraj Ranjan