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2.3.2023 |

Connect with the HundrED Country Lead Community!

HundrED Country Leads are our leading Ambassadors, ready for deeper involvement with HundrED’s mission to improve education, and believe the best way to do that is through impactful innovations. This year, we have 28 Country Leads from 27 countries. They have been selected based on their commitment to K12 education and their passion for innovation.

At HundrED, we believe the purpose of education is to help every child flourish in life, no matter what happens and we do this, by researching, selecting, and helping spread impactful innovations worldwide.

The HundrED community is comprised of various roles including innovators, ambassadors, youth ambassadors, the academy, funders, and other experts from over 120 countries and growing. We firmly believe that change only comes from like-minded people working together towards a common goal. That's why we're strengthening our global community of education innovators and passionate education stakeholders by fostering collaboration and learning from each other to increase the pace of change in education everywhere. 

The HundrED Country Lead Community was launched in July 2020 as a 3-month pilot program. The intention was to involve leading Ambassadors, ready for deeper involvement with HundrED’s mission to improve education, through impactful innovations. HundrED Country Leads are an extension of our core HundrED Team and work to activate and grow their local education communities. We started with 19 incredible individuals from 17 countries and now this powerful network has grown to 28 HundrED Country Leads from 27 countries. They are all ready to spark and inspire change locally within the global HundrED movement. 

We have had the privilege of learning more about these inspiring individuals throughout the application process and as part of the HundrED Ambassador community. They are bringing their enthusiasm, positivity, and openness to engage and connect with the HundrED Community in their regions.

And with that - meet the HundrED Country Leads this year! 


If you would like to reach out to them, you can find them via Linkedin: