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24.5.2024 |

Apply to the Youth Ambassador Programme!

The Youth Ambassador Programme in partnership with IBO will welcome 300 Youth Ambassadors aged 13-19 from around the world to connect, discuss the SDGs and create a positive impact in their communities. The applications are open between May 27th and June 20th, 2024.

It's time! The applications for the Youth Ambassador Programme, a collaboration between HundrED and IBO as part of Festival of Hope, are open between May 27th, 2023, and June 20th, 2024. The Programme will run from September until December, 2024.

➡️ Find out more about the Youth Ambassador Programme and apply here!

What have previous Youth Ambassadors said about the programme?

"Everyone is so nice here and always ready to help. I loved when we were sent into breakout rooms and everyone began to interact with each other and share their ideas. I saw so many projects starting up with aid and help from the team, the Youth Committee and fellow Youth Ambassadors as well. It has truly been an enlightening few months for me and I would love to join again to interact with fellow Youth Ambassadors and sharp my newfound knowledge and interest in SDGs." Youth Ambassador, 17, India 

"Everyone (including me), had the opportunity to speak up and tell their own truth, opinions and ideas. I entered every meeting with a smile, and left with my notebook full of data and information I didn’t know before. I always learned something new. " -Youth Ambassador, 17, Venezuela

"I highly appreciate the emphasis on practical implementation in addressing the SDG goals, as it underscores the crucial transition from intentions to tangible actions, ensuring real-world impact." -Youth Ambassador, 13, Jordan

"I've constantly been told how important building a community is and joining the HundrED Youth Ambassador Program has definitely made me feel like I am in a community." Youth Ambassador, 18, Trinidad and Tobago

If you have any questions related to the Youth Ambassador Programme, let us know! Write to