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Applications for the Youth Ambassador Programme for 2024 are now open!

The Youth Ambassador Programme in partnership with IBO will welcome 300 Youth Ambassadors from around the world to connect, discuss the SDGs and create a positive impact in their communities. The applications are open between December 18th and January 22nd, 2024.

It's time! The applications for the Youth Ambassador Programme, a collaboration between HundrED and IBO as part of Festival of Hope, are open between December 18th, 2023, and January 22nd, 2024. The Programme will run from February until May, 2024.

➡️ Find out more about the Youth Ambassador Programme and apply here

What have previous Youth Ambassadors said about the programme?

"Empowering, educational, exciting. These are three words I would use to describe my exceptional journey as part of the Youth Ambassador Programme. Learning about Sustainable Development Goals, solutions to global issues and getting the courage to initiate my own social impact project provided me with an unforgettable, enriching experience". -Youth Ambassador, 14, India

"One of the aspects of the Youth Ambassador Programme that I genuinely appreciated was the unique chance for meaningful interactions and collaborative learning that it provided. Interacting with other ambassadors with diverse origins and cultures allowed for the sharing of new ideas and perspectives." -Youth Ambassador, 17, Tanzania

"Definitely the massive support and encouragement you receive just from being in the community has really helped me develop. This isn't just a place for youth around the world to connect and share ideas, but also a safe place for everyone to create change and help one another!". -Youth Ambassador, 15, United Kingdom

"It was amazing to hear everyone's ideas and getting to share mine as well. Being surrounded by such a group of amazing changemakers made me feel as if I was part of something bigger, something that was truly inspiring." -Youth Ambassador, 13, México

"The connection with individuals who participated in the Youth Ambassador Programme, where we shared our work and passions, reassured me that I was in the right place. There are moments when we benefit from learning and hearing from those who have experienced similar situations as ours." -Youth Ambassador, 19, Uganda 

If you have any questions related to the Youth Ambassador Programme, let us know! Write to Anna Paula Herrera, HundrED's Community Coordinator: