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The HundrED 2021 Innovation Summit is a free education conference taking place November 3-5 2021. The program is jam-packed with keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities. This article gives you a sneak peek at what to expect!

The HundrED Innovation Summit is back and it’s better than ever before! Join us November 3 - 5 for industry-leading sessions from innovators, educators, and education impact experts.

What’s more, is that the HundrED 2021 Innovation Summit is totally free and totally digital so you can join from pretty much anywhere! See the full programme.

What is the HundrED Innovation Summit?

The HundrED 2021 Innovation Summit is a free education conference taking place November 3-5 2021. The program is jam-packed with keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities.

In a nutshell: The HundrED Innovation Summit is designed to help you better understand the amazing practices and solutions already happening around the world. And it's totally free - meaning no hefty price tag, and no travel or time off required.

How do I watch the Sessions? What if I can't attend on November 3-5?

You can tune in live to your favorite sessions at the designated time from wherever you've got a good internet connection.

Once you register for the summit, we'll send you a link to join the sessions beforehand. If you can't make it, no worries, we understand the timing may not work for everyone. If you have a ticket you will receive the recorded sessions after the conference - delivered straight to your inbox. But remember the Summit Conversations are meant to be enjoyed live so come prepared to network and engage! 

Where do I get a ticket?

You can register for the Summit here. You will be prompted to create an account. That way we can put you on our email list (don't worry we won't send you too many emails!)

Four things you’ll learn at the HundrED 2021 Innovation Summit:

1. The main trends in education going into the year 2022

main-global-collection.png HundrED Global Collection 2022 Launch
November 3rd, 17:00 -17:50 Helsinki
What are the 100 most impactful innovations in education? Join us for the celebration of the 5th HundrED Global Collection and get to meet the most impactful education innovations around the world.

2. Practical strategies to help build stronger school-family relationships

main-parental-engagement.pngHow Family Engagement Leads to Student Success
November 4th, 19:00-19:50 Helsinki
Join the Grable Foundation’s Executive Director Gregg Behr as he sits down with HundrED's Head of Research Crystal Green and Rebecca Winthrop, senior fellow and co-director fellow and co-director of the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution for a discussion on the impact of parental engagement.

3. Five recommendations for implementing social and emotional learning programmes in schools

main-sel.png5 Successful Strategies for Fostering Social & Emotional Skills in Students
November 5th, 15:00-15:50 Helsinki
Be the first to receive key insights for implementing SEL in practice! In this session Crystal Green, Head of Research at HundrED, and Paul St John Frisoli, Senior Programme Specialist at the LEGO Foundation, launch the new Social and Emotional Learning Spotlight Report revealing the 13 most impactful innovators fostering social and emotional skills in students globally.

4.  How to navigate an uncertain future, get the whole school focused on learning, effectively lead to mitigate the global learning challenge, transform school culture, strengthen local communities, network for social change, and harness the power of generations to transform schools

community-habilidadesXX1.pngConversación sobre las habilidades del siglo XXI – ¿Cómo afrontar un futuro de incertidumbre?
November 3rd, 16:00-16:50 Helsinki
Las habilidades del s.XXI, como el pensamiento crítico, la resolución de problemas, la creatividad y la autogestión, son vitales para cualquier persona viviendo en el mundo moderno. Esta sesión desafía el enfoque de la educación tradicional, que prioriza al maestro sobre el estudiante, y le invita a una conversación sobre la importancia de fomentar el desarrollo de estas habilidades.
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community-learning-environments.pngHow to Get the Whole School Focused on Learning
November 3rd, 09:00-09:50 Helsinki
At the core of all modern design, method is the user. This session takes the human-centric approach to the school context and inspires you with ideas on how to design learning programs and assessments with students and teachers. Join education leaders, Noburo Hagiwara, Derek Bartels & Kimberley Powell as they facilitate an engaging conversation on the topic of co-creating learning environments.
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community-vitality.pngWhat if We Put Heart at the Center of Learning?
November 4th, 16:00-16:50 Helsinki
Vitality, mindfulness & wholehearted learning environments, what do these terms really mean in education? Could we bring more humanity, compassion, and alignment into the education space worldwide? Join trailblazers, Jenny Finn, Nathan Strenge & Priyanka Handa Ram as they explore these themes in education through the lens of their personal and professional journeys.
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community-leadership-equity.pngEducation Equity during a Crisis - How can effective leadership mitigate the global challenge?
November 4th, 17:00-17:50 Helsinki
With new global challenges presenting themselves on the daily, it is more important than ever to have an open conversation on how to close the educational gap and react to challenges efficiently and effectively. Join education powerhouses Wendy Ng & Natalia Miteva as they facilitate a conversation on effective and equitable school management during a crisis.
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community-cutlture.pngHow to Transform School Culture and Lead Change Effectively
November 5th, 13:00-13:50 Helsinki
Country Leads Justin Blake & Alex Bell bring a wealth of knowledge on school culture transformation and effective leadership. Join this conversation and learn from these experts as they guide your thinking on how to develop a values-led innovative culture.
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community-global-communities.pngHow Global Understanding Can Strengthen Local Communities
November 5th, 16:00-16:50 Helsinki
Whether it be through working together to close the educational gap, building a curriculum with a community focus, or fostering global citizenship education, fusing global perspective to local context is a valuable tool for accelerating change. Join Country Leads Udgum Khadka & Rabia Saqib for a thought-provoking discussion and learn how to mix global with local and vice-versa.
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workshop-networks-inhive.pngWorkshop by HundrED x inHive: Networking for Social Change
November 5th, 17:30-17:50 Helsinki
This workshop, hosted in collaboration with HundrED and inHive – a specialist team of network builders – brings together experts and practitioners to share insights about network building for transformative social change and innovation in education. The session includes short speeches and interaction. Speakers: Dr. Rana Dajani, Dr. Maria Gallo, Joseph Munyambanza, Margaux Jacquemin, Ján Michalko.
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community-diversity.pngIntergenerational Diversity – How to Harness the Power of Generations
November 5th, 19:30-20:20 Helsinki 
One thing we learned at school is that it’s normal to spend your days with people exactly the same age as you. What if this wasn’t true. In this conversation, our Country Leads Ashley and Natalia challenge the traditional (and incredibly persistent) age-group thinking, and showcase real-life examples of what happens when we harness the power of intergenerational diversity.
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