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Yearbook 2020


The annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. Now in our third Collection, the goal is to help pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations spread across the world. 

We evaluate each innovation for its impact and scalability based on the latest information and from multiple perspectives (e.g. teachers, students, leaders, innovators). For example, this year, as part of our selection process, a total of 2008 reviews were made by our expert Academy Members. We hope that this Collection will contribute to our mission at HundrED so that every child has the opportunity to flourish in life.

Download HundrED Yearbook 2020 for free to learn more about our research process, the impact of education innovations and which innovations were selected for 2020. 

Publication Date
November 06, 2019
Petrie, Christopher; Aladin, Katija; Gilliland, Danny; Ruoho, Noora; Leponiemi, Lasse; Ranjan, Pukhraj; Javangwe, Romayne; Tuominen, Saku.
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