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The 6Cs – Skills That Last A Lifetime

58% of students want skills that prepare them for life such as creativity, communication and empathy. This month, we're exploring who's teaching these skills in refreshing ways, and why they're important for both today's and tomorrow's world.

Current news

HundrED Class of 2018: What Happens When A Traveling High School Alters Its Course?
"The perception of our school typically revolves around where we are located, but in our eyes, it’s what we do in country that truly counts." Le...
Sustainability Spotlight Summit Program Announced: Register To Join Us Now!
The program for the Sustainability Spotlight Summit has been announced! Don't miss out on the chance to see these inspiring speakers, meet the selected innov...
WEB-nesday Featuring Harish Srinivasan, Co-Founder of Infinite Engineers
Our next HundrED webinar features Harish Srinivasan, an Engineer turned Educator. He is the Co-Founder and Learning Experience Designer at Infinite Engineers. Join ...
World Mental Health Day: What Does It Mean To Flourish In School?
For World Mental Health Day, Jessica Spencer-Keyse, Head of Global Research at HundrED, reflects on what the research shows about mental health and wellbeing in school – and ...
Speed School Students Complete School At Twice The Rate of Government-Run Institutions
Children on Speed School’s programme complete elementary school at twice the rate of their government school peers, a new report by the Univ...
Pedro Russo On Science, Empathy and Global Citizenship
"The obvious case would be to use astronomy to teach about science and technology, but we want to go a bit beyond that and give them a sense of global citizenship..."
Give Your Students Immersive Language Practice And Cultural Exchange With NaTakallam
Bring language and global citizenship straight to your classroom with the help of NaTakallam, and support displaced people in the process!
The Victoria, Australia Spotlight Has Been Released!
10 of the most inspiring innovations in Victoria, Australia, have been announced! Find out about the most exciting things going on in classrooms in Australia!
Can Augmented Reality Strengthen 21st Century Skills In The Classroom? | Darya Yegorina
"With augmented reality, the applications are endless because they go beyond where your fantasy can go..."
Arckit 2.0 Offers Exciting New Ways For Kids To Bring Their Designs To Life
Budding architects now have more tools at their fingertips, thanks to the launch of Arckit 2.0.
HundrED Class of 2018: Assessment Becomes Socio-Emotional Friendly At MUSE School
We catch up with our 100 selected innovations of 2018 to see what they've been up to over the last year. Find out how MUSE School are updating their ...