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Future Technologies

All you need to know on how to easily integrate new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality into the classroom, the benefits new technologies bring for students who prefer visual and experiential learning, and how to make social media a tool for good not for trolls. Make 2018 the year you capitalize on the benefits of future technologies.

Current news

WEB-nesday Featuring Design for Change Champions from Taiwan, Jordan and Spain
Our next HundrED webinar features Hsin Wei (Kate) Hsu (DFC Taiwan), Shirine Al Khudari and Jaafar Wahbeh (DFC Jordan) and Miguel Luengo (DFC Spain) where ...
Want To Improve Your Learning Environments? Here's Our Favorites From Around The World...
61% of students want better learning environments. We've gathered together some of our favourite environments from around the world (so...
Looking At The Big Picture: The Role Of Parents In Student-Centered Learning
Innovative schools like Big Picture Learning recognize that putting students at the center of their learning means engaging their families, too. Find out ho...
WEB-nesday Featuring Bastian Barnbeck, Founder of Waved Foundation
Our next HundrED webinar features Bastian Barnbeck, Founder of Waved Foundation from Panama. Join us via Facebook Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 13:30 (UTC).
Sign Up For August's Thematic Talk On Student Voice
This month, join HundrED Ambassadors and innovators as we discuss the importance of student voice in global education. Sign up to take part in the Thematic Talk on August 19th 15:00 UTC.
What Do Kids Think About School? The Answers Might Surprise You...
What do kids think about school? It's a simple question but one that is rarely asked. We thought it's about time someone changed that... so we did!
How Finnish Innovators Are Making Bold Changes To School Culture
Finland has been synonymous with outstanding education, but even the best education systems in the world will be left behind if they don’t continue to innovate and evolve. Luck...
How Can We Make Sure Every Child Flourishes? Our Research Report On Improving Education Has Been Published!
Our research report ‘Every Child To Flourish’, which investigates global perspectives on improving educat...
Lisa Gottfried & Andrew Biggs On How Tech Literacy Is Changing Young People's Prospects
Lisa Gottfried and Andrew Biggs teach at New Tech High School in Napa, California. Find out more about their innovative use of blog portfol...
Jeff King: Students Leave Our School As Sustainability Natives
Jeff King is Head of School at MUSE School California, the school behind 'Blueprints' - an innovative approach to individualized assessment.
Want Kids To Be Happy? Teach Them How To Communicate
Dutch teenagers have been found to be the happiest students in the world once again. What can we learn from them and the longest study into human happiness, in order to help our young people live ha...