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YOUR REQUEST-A way to help and being helped.

Explore and help other to do so cause the world is too big !

YOUR REQUEST is an online platform which accesses students to detailed information and complete guide to opportunities from olympiads to educational exchange programsout there .In short ,its a platform to reach all the amazing opportunities to the students in a package and share informations cause everyone can is a changemaker.


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November 2020

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Because of being a girl from a village ,I didn't know about the opportunities and resources for k-12 students .As a result ,I had to struggle a lot .That's why I innovated YOUR REQUEST so that all get accesses to the lifechanging opportunities and get
complete direction to crack them cause we all know there are so many out there who don't even know what they are capable of doing.

Spread of the innovation

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