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A prototype series of relocatable buildings that inform the nature of learning spaces & enable evolution in teaching and learning practices.

The Learning Project

Marker Australia
An authentic prototype, the Learning Project is a vehicle for change, enabling the evolution of spaces and settings to support a multi-modal, learner-centred pedagogy. By conducting research and post occupancy evaluations to assess and analyse all aspects of the project, both the school and design team are able to develop an in depth understanding of the links between pedagogy and space.

The Future Of Learning: Prefabrication and Prototyping for Evolving Pedagogical Models

“There are 33 exceptional features throughout the Learning Project, each with a clear purpose in enabling teaching staff to have significant choice in how they deliver their lesson and all pivotal to providing an engaging learning experience for students. Lounges, a greenhouse, video conference pods, a media cubby, working walls, a kitchen table and a news stand are tangible examples of unique constructions that are not found in traditional classroom settings. There has been a great sense of optimism among the school community as the spaces came to fruition, with a significant demand from excited staff to occupy the new spaces which underscore our emphasis on student learning at the heart of the school.”

Reverend Andrew P Syme, Principal

The Learning Project evolved from the masterplanning for the school’s three campuses in metropolitan Melbourne,  developed by Hayball in 2013. 

The project marks a progressive move by the school, with a prefabricated building introduced to each campus to facilitate a shift towards bespoke facilities for a new pedagogy. 

As a prototype, the project acts as a vehicle for change, enabling the school and designers to test settings and  spaces which are designed for purposeful and differentiated learning. 

Each modular building is designed with dedicated and connected spaces for whole-group work, small group  collaborations, production, presentation and performance  activities, quiet reflection and individual study. 

The prefabricated buildings offer greater affordability and the potential to be demounted and relocated after  the testing phase.  The project is the subject of broader research being  undertaken by the University of Melbourne to evaluate  the role of design in learning environments.

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