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Justine Reeve


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Squared dtaaweb
An on-line community and support network for dance teachers in UK

The Dance Teachers' Agony Aunt - facebook group

Marker United Kingdom
The 'Dance Teachers Agony Aunt' is a facebook support page for dance teachers delivering dance in formal education in the UK. The page helps to support dance participation in schools, to support teachers, to create a much needed support network and to connect formal education with the professional dance world.

Value Dance in Schools

“Dance is a universal form of cultural expression and combines physical activity, social interaction with creative and emotional expression. The benefits for young people are huge. I am passionate about dance being offered to our young people in the UK and this group is my way of helping that happen. ”

Justine Reeve, founder.

The 'Dance Teachers Agony Aunt' is a face book support page for dance teachers delivering dance lessons in the UK with over 1200 members. As a dance consultant Justine Reeve set the page up as she is passionate about Dance and the Performing Arts and believe that creativity and the arts are a much needed part of education. The page is a way to help keep dance in schools, to support teachers, to create a much needed support network and to connect formal education with the professional dance world. Many dance/PE teachers are alone (the only dance teacher) in centres and this page is a large community of dance teachers, dance artists and choreographers so that dance teachers never feel unsupported. Dance Artists, Choreographers and Dance Companies use the page as a way of connecting directly with schools and dance teachers. Choreographers can answer questions and share ideas on lesson content and delivery. 

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Intended Outcomes
1 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Please join the group via face book if you are a PE/dance teacher, dance artist, choreographer or company.

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Follow, support dance with this hashtag: #valuedanceUse to share news, ideas, best practice and more
Teacher feedback: 'It has helped me get up to date news on qualifications. It is great for sharing ideas and resources. It gives me reassuranc...
Teacher feedback:  'It’s been really great to share ideas and people have definitely networked. It’s been very reassuring and has been able to...


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