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Help students prepare for the future by teaching them the mindset and the tools necessary to be successful amidst the changes to come.

Teach the Future

Sacramento, USA
We teach students a lot about the past, as we should, but shouldn't we also prepare students for their future? It used to be impossible to do that since the future is unpredictable, but futurists have developed an approach to the uncertain future that they have been teaching graduate students for decades. Isn't it time we brought that approach to high school and college students?

Introducing the future to secondary and college students

Peter Bishop, Executive Director
“Change is hard; stagnation is fatal. ”

Peter Bishop, Executive Director

Teach the Future is part of the emerging academic and professional fields of futures studies and strategic foresight. The field broke into the public domain in the 1960s and 70s with the establishment of the World Future Society, books about the future by Alvin Toffler and others, and graduate degrees at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Dr. Peter Bishop directed the Houston program for 30 years after which he founded Teach the Future to teach secondary students and undergraduates the same approach to the future.

Teach the Future established a free Library of more than 60 activities, lessons, units and courses. We have also developed workshops for teachers of gifted and talented students and summer programs for middle school students who developed scenarios about the future on a topic of their choosing. The student programs are based on the Futures Thinking Playbook that takes students step-by-step through the process of developing scenarios (online review and Amazon purchase). Teach the Future is also coaching teachers to include futures thinking in leadership, entrepreneurship and other courses.

Teach the Future also works with colleagues in the Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and India. The Teach the Future website contains more information, including its quarterly newsletter on the Teach the Future blog and on the Teach the Future YouTube channel which contains instructional videos and student programs.

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10 - 18
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Skills, Foresight, Future
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Eeducators believe they are preparing students for the future, and in many ways they are, such as knowing how to read, write and calculate. But is that all? Shouldn't they become aware of the forces shaping their future? Shouldn't learn how to be successful in an uncertain and volatile future?
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Teach the future
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