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Christian Manansala
Championing children's SEL through the power of STEM and passion-based learning

Tagpros (Talented & Gifted Pros) Webinars for Teachers: Advancing Better Online Distance Learning

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Computer science and passion-based learning is dominating our kids' world. One area that collides with this is social and emotional learning (SEL). It might be a bit off, but actually there are ways that STEM & SEL are interrelated. Teaching skills like creative problem solving, collaboration, & persistence can greatly help students learn to enjoy the productive struggle they’ll inevitably face.
Dr. Margarita C. Ballesteros, Director of Department of Education- Philippines
"This program will retool Philippine educators to become better teachers."

Dr. Margarita C. Ballesteros, Director of Department of Education- Philippines


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Updated on May 10th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Kids & technology are so synonymous these days. While educators ensure that they're equipped with tech skills for the future, it causes health and vision issues and other ailments. Rapid immersion on devices hurts children's soft skills and social & emotional development. While tech supports some SEL and science skills, inadequate kids' development is certain if one or the other is missing.

How does your innovation work in practice?

To solve this deficiency, Tagpros' PLC (Professional Learning Community) empowers educators, through its innovative Teachers' Webinar Series, with the right tools to facilitate social-emotional STEM activities in the online classroom. Curated topics in Coding, Robotics, and AR/VRs are designed to communicate emotions and illustrate thought processes, while encouraging collaboration and helping students learn how to solve and resolve problems.

Connecting STEM with SEL; and teaching both STEM skills and concepts provides increased value for students. Hence, integrating both indicates opportunity for a pedagogical innovation that benefits students on a different and powerful way; and use these learning experiences to promote kids' character traits. Compared to the current practice of teaching SEL & STEM separately, we believe that our combined approach empowers teachers to champion kids' future, while at the same time helping them immensely to thrive in these trying times.

How has it been spreading?

Our PLC webinar workshop introductory series last June was dedicated to helping teachers learn helpful and meaningful strategies in teaching STEM and SEL online. Overall, the PLC workshops garnered more than 77,095 reach, 28,950 engagements, and 77,102 views, all achieved organically in both Youtube and Facebook. Meanwhile, our ongoing July PLC workshop series is dedicated to guiding teachers on designing and implementing online learning assessments and students' support have garnered more than 23,018 reach, 7,138 engagements, and 26,056 views, all attained organically.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Join and register in our webinar series for free via the Tagpros.Org. You may also find the webinar series' schedules through our website and all our social media handles ( Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin) by typing Tagpros in the search boxes. Teachers from all over the world can attend the event on-demand or even watch the replay through the Tagpros Education Channels.


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June 2021
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Accelerated by UPSCALE, a joint program of the University of the Philippines and the Department of Science and Technology

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