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Merging Technology & Education

Sun Books

Gulu, Uganda
Sun Books is an innovative Application with educational resources such as e-books and interactive activities in English and local languages which have been individually tailored to the Ugandan curriculum. The App is pre-loaded onto a solar-powered tablet device, making Sun Books accessible for locations regardless of their access to electricity or internet.

Sun Books

Fernanda Maldonado, Program Manager
“Sun Books, Merging Technology & Education ”

Fernanda Maldonado, Program Manager

What we do?

We have developed and innovative low-cost solution that helps to address the needs of children in off-the-grid settings who don’t have access to quality educational resources. Sun Books is an Application with educational resources such as e-books and interactive activities in English and local languages which have been pre-loaded onto a solar-powered tablet. 

Why we do it?

- Low literacy rates in developing countries 

- Lack of books and educational resources that can positively impact literacy levels in developing countries  

- Need for localized educational resources where children feel connected and will impact positively on literacy rates  

- Lack of ongoing training and upskilling for teachers in developing countries  

- Importance of the use of technology and the positive impact it can have in society   

- Limited access to electricity and/or internet and limited access to technology   

Mission, Vision & Aim

Sun Books envisions a world in which every one of us can read and write, in which there is free access to quality education. Additionally, to support quality literacy learning for children in off-the-grid classrooms in developing countries through access to and support in the use and development of innovative educational resources.

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Innovation Overview
1 - 10
Age Group
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
Sun Books acknowledges the importance of getting educators trained and involved in the development and usage of the application and tablet device. The endorsement, commitment and support of teachers in the implementation of this technology would be key for the success.
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Undestunding of local needs
We believe that understanding of the local culture, language and educational system is crucial for the implementation of Sun Books.
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Cration on Gathering of Learning Content
We complement what is already in place with a different kind of learning, making it fun and dynamic. Developed collaboratively with local teachers and students through Tendril software and Cloud based technology.
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Enhancing the ownership and independence of users over the usage, update and sustainability of Sun Books is key for a successful implementation.
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