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Natalja Rodionova
The first female coding club in Cambodia to empower female students to learn digital skills

Sisters of Code

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The field of technology in Cambodia is male-dominated and female students feel unwelcome in this predominantly male field. Sisters of Code exists to empower and support female students through education to discover their full potential and grow a new generation of digital creators. Our work helps girls grow confidence and challenges long-held gender stereotypes.
Natalja Rodionova, Founder of Sisters of Code
Girls can often hear that technology is not a career path for a lady. But why would we exclude 50% of the population not even giving a chance? That is what Sisters of Code wants to challenge.

Natalja Rodionova, Founder of Sisters of Code


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Updated on May 6th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

The field of technology in Cambodia is male-dominated and female students feel unwelcome in this predominantly male field. Only 7% of female students in Cambodia choose to study technology-related subjects and only 30% of the graduates would end up with jobs in the field of IT. We want to change this situation and encourage girls to learn technology.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Sisters of Code education program aims at building the capacity of female students in coding skills and grow their confidence in applying those for creating websites, games, or applications, using their newly acquired coding skills in the innovative educational program, based on project-based learning and creative coding.
To changer the perception in society, we grow awareness and encourage more female students to consider the field of technology as a possible career choice through active communication in social media such as Facebook and Linkedin, as well as on the website.
To reach more students, we have launched Sisters of Code Ambassadors (training of trainers) to scale the program to more locations.
Sisters of Code is for impact, where female trainers are teaching female students in a supportive, encouraging and creative environment.

How has it been spreading?

Since the establishment, 150 students have successfully completed the program and 48 studying now. It is endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and was introduced in 2 public schools. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, in 2020 “Sisters of Code” created online tutorials for self-study at home. All the video lessons were shared on social media and websites to promote learning at home and have reached several thousand views.
In 2020 “Sisters of Code” received 2 important international awards recognizing the importance and impact of the program: SOLVE MIT award in the category Learning for Women and Girls, by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Equals in Tech award in the category Skills.
In 2021 we are expanding the program with Training of Trainers, Career Talks and more.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you want to join Sisters of Code program and learn about our approach, please visit our website or contact us by e-mail:


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