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A design thinking, making, and entrepreneurship program to empower students to invent solutions for real problems in their communities.

Project Invent

United States
Project Invent is a nonprofit empowering high school students to invent technologies for social good. We have programs in 30 schools globally where students identify a real problem in their community, and then build a technology solution to solve it. We're passionate about empowering students with the skills and mindsets to succeed individually and impact globally.

What is Project Invent?

What we do?

Project Invent is a nonprofit that empowers high school students nationwide to invent technologies that make a difference. We train and support educators to run programs where students identify a real problem in their community and invent a human-centered, technology solution. Through inventing, students learn to be creative, resilient problem solvers who care. Students in our program have developed everything from a smart wallet to help the blind detect bill denominations to a football helmet that can detect early signs of concussion. 

Why we do it?

95% of teachers say that creative problem solving is critical to career success in the age of automation. Only 16% say that schools today are doing enough of it. If we want our next generation to succeed, schools need to become places where students can practice the creativity, resilience, and empathy that they need for the real world. Schools should be a safe place to fail, get feedback, and innovate. We need to double down on the skills that make us creative and uniquely human in an increasingly automated world.

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Visit projectinvent.org to learn more and download our free curriculum.

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