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Mike Hill
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A series of short films about New School Education and the innovations taking place across Australia.

Innovation High

Innovation High is a popular web series, culminating in a definitive feature film, exploring the future of education. The project will engage, inform, challenge, unblock, empower and activate policy-makers, principals, teachers, parents, and students. The mission of the project is to transform the way we think about education.

Transforming The Way We Think About Education

Mike Hill, co-presenter and filmmaker.
“Are we measuring the things we value? Or are we valuing the things we measure? ~ Dave Faulker, Education Changemakers.”

Mike Hill, co-presenter and filmmaker.

What we do?

The mission of the project is to transform the way we think about education, so the system can evolve to best meet the needs of all students and move the country forward. The campaign seeks to start a national conversation about why innovating Australia’s education system must be a national priority.

The project will inform the national conversation around education in Australia. Using strategies that are proven to work from our past impact film releases, the project will use social media, community outreach, mass media, national events, broadcast television, and video-on-demand to engage a national audience. These efforts will not only seek to shift the conversation away from the superficial discourse that currently prevails but also to change behaviors across school communities including educational leaders, teachers, students, and parents. This behavior change will concentrate on the future and the outcomes young people need to thrive at and beyond school.

Why we do it?

Australians are already investing heavily in education, with $243 billion budgeted from 2018-2029 through the Quality Schools Package. Yet so many voters, including parents, are disengaged, ambivalent, blocked or superficially focussed on the wrong questions. To maximize this investment, do the right thing for Australian children, and future-proof our prosperity, we urgently need to change the conversation around education. This project will do just that.

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Mike Hill
Sue Collins

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