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Veeraiah Kummari

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Increase the authenticity of curricular tasks and use an interdisciplinary lens to explore content set in the real world.

Case Analysis in Science Education

Hochtaunuskreis, Germany
Case studies are employed to provide a context to abstract science concepts. They are used to teach science process skills where learners identify a problem, make observations, analyze data, and draw inferences to recommend solutions to problems set in real-world situations. Cases offer an accessible inductive reasoning route to learners where they transition from the concrete to the abstract.

Meaningful Learning

“Critical-mindedness is key to active citizenship. ”

Veeraiah Kummari, Upper School Chemistry Teacher, Frankfurt International School

What we do?

If we were to engage learners and sustain their day 1 enthusiasm in schools, we need to alter content to suit their perspective. Leaners should find value in the content they are learning.

Why we do it?

Learning for the very love of it and maintaining the drive to achieve clarity, develop greater awareness about themselves, their fellow humans, and the environment should be the ultimate goals of any education.

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Tips for implementation
Choose a learning goal you want to accomplish with your learners. Write a 100-200 word paragraph describing the situation related to your content. If your goal is to teach sustainability, challenge your learners about recommending time-bound energy solutions to countries heavily relying on coal.
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Veeraiah Kummari

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