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23.5.2022 | Annina Huhtala

HundrED at the Wold Economic Forum: Education innovations move education systems

The World Economic Forum kicked off in Davos, Switzerland, yesterday. After two years of hiatus, the Forum is once again buzzing with global leaders and their world-changing ideas. HundrED’s co-founder Lasse Leponiemi is attending, and in this article he shares the conversation points he aims to bring into the discussion.

Let’s start with the key message. Lasse, if your fellow changemakers left Davos with one take-home message from HundrED, what would it be?

“If we as a global community want to provide accessible quality education for as many children as possible, we need education innovations.”

Excellent, and where should we begin? 

“We at HundrED believe in identifying and amplifying the amazing work of education innovations. The world is not short of great ideas – we need practices that work in different contexts. We at HundrED have evaluated over 5.000 education innovations so far, highlighting the ones with the greatest impact and scalability.”

HundrED selects 100 leading education innovations into their Global Collection annually and runs smaller Spotlight projects to highlight 10-20 innovations in different topical themes and regions. All the selected innovations go through the HundrED Research process. Nearly 70% of the selected innovations are not based on digital technology, and approximately 30% of them can also work in an out-of-school context.

“These innovations can be implemented in many settings and provide excellent results in developing contexts also. The message we want to get across is that instead of whole system transformations, we can improve existing systems through well-thought pedagogical practices. And together with our selected innovators, we at HundrED are here to help.”

At the World Economic Forum, HundrED promotes education alongside some of the world’s biggest foundations, such as the LEGO Foundation, Jacobs Foundation and Aga Khan Foundation, who also support HundrED’s work. Lasse Leponiemi will also participate in different organised discussions varying from wellbeing, one of the biggest trends in education innovation, to equity through education. 

“This is the first time we, as HundrED, are here representing our selected innovations. We wish to provide our innovators with more connections that can lead to system-level implementation. I firmly believe that working with other networks, we can accelerate and support education systems to help every child flourish,” concludes Lasse Leponiemi. 

If you wish to meet Lasse Leponiemi while in the WEF, please get in touch with him through LinkedIn or reach out to our content director Annina Huhtala (annina.huhtala@hundred.org)