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31.10.2023 | Karin Metsäpelto |

How to Build Trust and Sustainable Family-School Engagement

Many parents have historically been involved in their children's education but not necessarily in direct cooperation with teachers but the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the parental engagement trajectory.

Both schools and families dove into a scene where teachers and teaching was happening at home instead of on school premises. Since then in small villages and big cities all over the world, parents, and teachers have been growing new relationships. 

One of these places is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. While Pittsburgh is known for its rich industrial history, the historical setup of parental engagement with schools hasn't been as affluent. However, the Parents as Allies project has been pioneering ways to change this. Over the past two years, it has seen participation from 212 parents and educators across 28 school districts. 

HundrED is excited to bring together five of these school districts in the Innovation Summit 2023 to share their efforts in strengthening family-school engagement, an initiative transforming education in the region. Read more on “5 Pittsburgh school districts will share their Parents as Allies innovations with the world at the HundrED Summit”. These school district representatives will participate in a panel discussion titled “How to Build Trust and Sustainable Family-School Engagement,” which aims to delve into the long-standing challenges faced by American schools in fostering genuine engagement between parents and educators. A summary of the workshop experience will be published at on November 6. 

Photo: Ben Filio