How the HundrED Community Is Inspiring Change Through Global Collaboration


Our Global Collaboration series highlights stories from our global community and how their collaboration is inspiring change in the world of education and innovations.

At HundrED, we believe that change comes through community and collaboration. If we want to become pioneers in advancing education practices and take the lead in inspiring a global movement, then it’s imperative that we inspire global participation. HundrED community are not only our eyes and ears on the ground, but are also the vehicle through which innovations are spread! 

We caught up with some of our ambassadors and innovators to find out how being a part of the HundrED community has inspired and influenced their work. These are their stories.


Jordy Angel Coldwell, the director of film Student’s Voice at HundrED

HundrED really means a lot to me because when I came to Finland, I felt that I had lost my hope in education; feeling that I wasn’t going to find people who wanted to make a change. I thought that I was the only one looking for a change and that no big change was happening in the world.  When I stumbled upon HundrED, I was so impressed by the amount of passion there is within the community and how much they want to make change happen. On the last day of the HundrED Summit, I interviewed one of the innovators and by the end of the interview, I was crying. I was so inspired by the whole event, by the innovators themselves, by everything. And I think that’s what HundrED is; it's this gathering of these amazing people and amazing ideas, spreading these ideas and inspiring others to do the same.


Kayla Delzer, CEO, third-grade teacher and the innovator behind Flexible Seating

Just to be able to attend the Summit alone is such an honor for me. It’s just really unique and unlike any other summit or conference I have ever been to. All the other innovators are so welcoming and are so excited to share their innovations, and even more than that, they are also interested to learn about your innovation. It’s been a really cool collaboration with lots of other innovators from all around the world. And I think this open sharing and this connection is hard to duplicate online. Meeting in real life with people and being able to connect with them face to face is so powerful and affirming in so many ways. When I think of HundrED, I just think of their work as groundbreaking, and innovative and so important. It’s imperative that everyone knows what's going on and reads about it, and checks out some innovations. As one of the students said, if you’re not happy with what’s going on in your school, go on the website and suggest one of the innovations to your school. There are 100 great ideas there, suggest one to your teachers and see if they can get on board. 



Amanda Hollwey, Head of Marketing at betty for schools

HundrED’s work is really important; it's pulling together a global community and finding the best innovations around the world so that we can educate our children in a much more effective manner and in a 21st century way. It’s really inspiring as an educator to then go back and really develop what we are trying to do and even further, taking all of these ideas from HundrED


Kirsten Simmons, an educator for over 25 years and the innovator behind Talking Tree Hill

I see hundrED as a global force in the future. The HundrED team is a really beautiful crew, and that’s what creates change, it’s the people you have around you that are helping to make it work. That’s what your team is doing with people, its connection, its relationships and I think the world needs to connect in this way in order to make change happen. It doesn’t need to be a huge change, nor does it have to be a prescribed way of doing things. I don’t think that’s what HundrED is about. It’s about taking innovations that will be impactful and meaningful. I love it because it's a heart-based approach. I have also been surprised at the high level of expertise and technical ability, as well as going to these places where you feel like you’ve been treated so well. It’s been a privilege to meet other people, some who are in the infancy of their work while others have been working in the field for seven to ten years and standing strong in what they are doing.  

HundrED has allowed us to connect with people, allowing us to get a glimpse into what’s happening around the world in the space of education. I believe in HundrED, and I have developed that belief over the last few days. I didn’t realize the extent of the impact and reach until I came to the summit. So for me, that’s a thank you to HundrED, for allowing us to be here and believing in what we do. 


Devon McLorg, Director of Education for BRAC

To me, HundrED is an excellent community of innovators, educators, collaborators, people who clearly want to engage and exchange ideas and cross-learning from one another.  I feel a lot of support in this community and I also feel very interested in the other parties that have joined and it’s wonderful to be in a space where everyone’s talking about such different ideas but then at the same time imagining how you might apply those to your own work.  So you can see that there’s an opportunity for so much cross-fertilization in a setting like this.  That’s why we’re really delighted to be apart of HudnrED’s innovations.  


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