How can teachers lead personalised learning? | Kareena Rogers & Ramlah Merchant | HundrED


This video first appeared on our Facebook page on April 10th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series.


Who are Kareena Rachel Rogers & Ramlah Merchant?

Kareena Rachel Rogers is the Chief of Staff at Teach A Class Foundation, where she manages financial and administrative operations and is always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency. She recently created an M&E dashboard that tracks all implementation, operational and academic functions, enabling the team to make data-driven decisions.

Previously, Kareena worked at Zaya Learning Labs, an education technology company, to develop English and Math content for students from Grades 1-5. Kareena’s passion for education and teaching began during a fellowship at Teach for India, where she taught children from a low-resource school for two years. After which, she spent four years teaching in schools with different curricula and contexts (urban, rural, high and low income) to understand challenges within the education system today. During this period, she also worked on operations for Just for Kicks, an organization that teaches children lessons of commitment, confidence, and self-awareness through football.

She has developed strong planning, strategy and project management skills. Her primary interests are in education, data, and technology.

Kareena will be joined by her colleague, Ramlah Merchant, who works as the school implementation manager at Teach a Class (TAC) Foundation. She works closely with teachers to help them deliver impact in their classrooms using effective education tools.

Before joining TAC, she worked with Zaya Learning Labs, an ed-tech social enterprise, to implement their offline technology solutions in low-income schools. She majored in psychology from Barnard College, New York, and spent a year teaching in a charter school after. She was introduced to the wonders of education technology in her tutorial groups, where students used a math adaptive learning program while she individualised instruction for a few others. Subsequently, Zaya’s innovative personalised learning solution captivated her, especially the way they used technology to deliver impact at scale, and to a deserving yet deprived population.

She now looks forward to graduate studies, and extending that knowledge to varied learning environments and experiences.


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