How can school education meet the needs of the 21st Century? | HundrED

26.4.2019 | BY KATIJA ALADIN
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Who are the Deans for 5 Areas of Development? 


Sharmila Bakshi worked with the Government of India before joining the Vasant Valley School as the Political Science teacher in 2001. Since then, she has closely worked with the NCERT to help develop the CBSE curriculum for the subject for classes 9-12. She has attended many workshops all over the country with the aim to developing a curriculum that enhances values of Peace and Brotherhood in the study of Social Sciences in India. She was chosen by the Ministry of Human Resources to represent India in the APCEIU Youth Leadership workshop in Seoul in 2011. She has been working as the Dean of Social Development in Vasant Valley School since 2017 and is trying to make the school community aware of their responsibilities to themselves, each other as well as the community.


Swaty Nag has been teaching Chemistry to senior students for the last twenty years. Before joining Vasant Valley School, she was a senior Chemistry teacher in a high school in the Steel city of Jamshedpur. She has worked with the NCERT on developing books on ‘Hands on Experiments’ for middle School students. Presently, along with teaching Chemistry to students of classes 10, 11 and 12 in Vasant Valley School, she is also working as the Dean of Spiritual Development. With a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Swaty helps to create systems in school which aids in fostering spiritual growth amongst both students and teachers.


Neelam Srivastava is a trained post graduate Psychology teacher working in Vasant Valley for nearly two decades. She has been actively involved in the development of the Psychology textbook for National Council of Education Research and Training and created content for their online programs. She is also a member of the committee for restructuring the Psychology curriculum for Central Board of Secondary Education and National Institute of Open Schooling. Her exposure to international schooling system took place when she was selected by the US State Department for Weill Fellow Week, New York along with two more teachers from the school. At present, she is also the Dean for Physical Area of Development and takes care of the Health Education programme at school.


Neeta Aggarwal has been teaching at Vasant Valley School, Delhi for the last 17 years and has a total of 25 years of teaching experience at school level. She has also worked at Nutrition Foundation of India for a brief period. Her job profile includes handling the Emotional aspect of development, teaching Science to Middle school and Home Science to Senior Secondary students. Prior to taking up the responsibility as Dean of Emotional Development, she was one of the two Coordinators for the middle school for around 8 years. She has a Master’s degree in Food and Nutrition, a Post -Graduate diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition and a Bachelor’s degree in Education.


Sandhya Saini is the Dean of Cerebral Development. Over the years she has attended many workshops on teaching and learning within the country. She was selected for the Exchange Programme to Carnegie Hall New York. She interacted with teachers from across the world and exchanged ideas. She has also visited schools in Bhutan and conducted workshops for teachers and students. She believes that a thinking individual will care about the social emotional spiritual and physical wellbeing of self and others in society.



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