Congratulations Project DEFY on Winning the Transcendence Award at the Global Youth Advancement Summit


We, at HundrED, are thrilled to share that Project DEFY, an innovation from the HundrED 2019 collection, recently received the Transcendence Award for their innovative work in education by the Michigan State University’s Global Youth Advancement Summit. 

The Global Youth Advancement Summit brought together nearly 200 young leaders to address and develop innovative solutions to major challenges facing people around the world. For 2019, their focus was on the grand challenge of Global Inequity, which comprised of five key thematic areas: Arts and Culture, Education, the Environment, Healthcare, and Livelihoods (Employment and Entrepreneurship). At the Summit, the delegates got the opportunity to exchange ideas, showcase innovative products and services, pitch their business ventures, and build genuine networks that will enable them to collaboratively define their future in a way that is equitable, just, and sustainable. 

Project DEFY, invited because of their association with HundrED, was represented by co-founders, Abhijit Sinha & Megha Bhagat, who held workshops and participated on a panel discussion exploring the perils, promise and/or potential of technology in addressing societal inequities.


Panel at the GYAS on the Perils, Promise and/or Potential of Technology in Addressing Societal Inequities.


To their own surprise, they were recognized along with four other youth-led projects from around the world for their work in education.

Project DEFY enabled attendees to practice teamwork and collaboration through a wallet making activity, that further enables them to find solutions through innovation.
“We do not want education to be merely a transfer of instruction. Education is a much more interesting process of self-discovery and understanding of local and global surroundings.” - Abhijit Sinha, Co-Founder & Director of Project DEFY

We, once again, congratulate Abhijit Sinha, Megha Bhagat and the Project DEFY team for their efforts and achievements!


To know more about Project DEFY, explore their innovation page.