Celebrating Community Conversations - How Leaders Can Shape A Better Education System


On Thursday, 25th July 2019, we hosted our first Twitter chat of the year and were joined by the HundrED Community from around the world in a discussion on collective leadership and its role in bettering education systems. With the help of our Ambassador, Vandita Morarka from India, we were able to facilitate a meaningful community conversation - a snapshot of it can be found below!


Exploring How Leaders Can Shape A Better Education System

We started the conversation with exploring who could and who could not be an education leader. Often the definition is assumed to include only leaders with power, however, our community was able to provide an expansive definition of a 21st-century educational leader.


We further explored the qualities of an effective education leader and what are the habits or mindsets they possess that help them succeed in their professional careers.


During the chat, we resonated with the fact that being an educational leader isn't an easy job. Not only do our leaders have to worry about impacting students lives but further support the teachers and the larger local education community. Our community made some big commitments during the chat towards their work and actions as they help children flourish in life.


We closed the chat with a reminder to all educational leaders out there to remember and remind themselves of their role and responsibilities. 

Simply a first step in leading larger discussions, we hope to engage many people in conversations of importance through our Twitter Chats. For more responses, explore the conversation using #hundrEDChat on Twitter account @hundredorg!

If you are interested in chatting with us and our community, join us for our August Chat with some of our HundrED Youth ambassadors on Monday, 12th August for the International Youth Day! More information soon!


HundrED Chats take place monthly on Twitter and we invite everyone to actively participate in the conversation! Contact our Head of Community, Pukhraj Ranjan, for more information: