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Mind the Class

Eliminate the barriers to preventive child mental health

We envision a world that focuses on prevention by architecting a environment for children that fosters emotional wellbeing and mitigates the risks of mental illness. We create a partnership with schools and organizations, assess risks and gaps, train and collaboratively design a strategic wellness plan using our research based 5-Elements approach.


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July 2022
"Children learn by experiencing. When we architect mentally well spaces, create a lifestyle of mentally healthy experiences and equip teams with resources through relationships - everyone thrives!"

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

After 18 years in crisis intervention, I observed the patterns that create a pathway to prevent suffering. Mental Health statistics underscore an urgent need for effective preventive practices to reduce rates of mental illness, crisis referrals, medication prescription, symptom relapse, suicide, substance use and other pleasure seeking behaviors, violent behavior and other aberrant behaviors.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We have bridged the gap between research and practice to define wellbeing with 5-Elements that will create a calmer, more secure and connected environment. Professionals are overwhelmed, burnt out and there are high rates of turnover that are negatively impacting wellbeing and service delivery.

We partner with social work teams to co-design an individualized sustainable preventive mental health program using an integrative and systemic framework grounded in research to measurably and profoundly decrease mental health risks and burnout to support professionals.

We shift the school culture from reactive to proactive using our research-based wellbeing framework and create a wellbeing climate equip with sustainable solutions and resources.

We leave social work teams capable of replicating this assessment, resourcing and planning model to continue to address changing and diverse needs as programs evolve.

How has it been spreading?

We have successfully worked with 3 pilot groups in clinical settings and school settings that demonstrated early adoption, interest and successful outcomes. This includes the successful completion of assessments, creation of a task force, development of implementation plans to address wellbeing need areas, local resource partnerships, competencies in the 5-Elements framework and approach to sustain program delivery over time and early results demonstrate positive changes to culture and climate factors.

Additionally Mind the Class has:

3 Educational Content Partners
1 US-based County-Wide Contract for Delivery of Consulting Services
2 Partner Interventions
5 Integrative partners
7 Long-term Advisory Board Members
University affiliated research and evaluation team

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please reach out to us if you are looking to equip your teams with a preventive mental health approach to experience a more calm environment, feel more capable and create more connections to support professional and youth wellbeing.

EMAIL contact@mindtheclass.org
CALL (001) 631-339-0852

We welcome interests in collaborative efforts and partnerships to further advance our unified missions.

Spread of the innovation

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