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Research | 5.9.2022
Évaluation formative: Améliorer l’apprentissage pour chaque enfant

L’évaluation formative est un moyen puissant de bonifier l’apprentissage des élèves. Bien que tous les types d’évaluation constituent des aspects importants du processus d’apprentissage, l’évaluation formative évalue l’apprentissage même des élèves dans le cadre de ce processus. Le but de l’évaluation formative est donc d’évaluer l’apprentissage des élèves d’une manière en mettant l’accent sur les aspects développementaux de l’apprentissage et de l’enseignement.

Research | 23.8.2022
Evaluación formativa: Mejorar el aprendizaje de todos los niños y niñas

La evaluación formativa se refiere a una variedad de métodos que los maestros usan en las aulas para realizar evaluaciones sobre el proceso de comprensión de los estudiantes, así como sus necesidades de aprendizaje y progreso académico. Este informe creado con el apoyo de Jacobs Foundation presenta 14 soluciones creando un nuevo futuro para la evaluación.

Research | 23.6.2022
Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child

Formative assessment is a powerful way to enhance student learning. All types of assessments form important aspects of the learning process. However, formative assessment provides a particular way of evaluating student learning as part of the learning process. The aim of formative assessment is to evaluate students’ learning in a way that promotes the developmental aspects of learning and teaching. In this report we take a look a the research behind formative assessment and highlight 14 innovations working to promote it globally. 

Research | 10.5.2022
Policy Report: Social & Emotional Learning

Social and emotional skills are crucial for all of us to thrive in today’s unpredictable world. Thus, social and emotional learning (SEL) has become a top priority on the agendas of education stakeholders in many countries. From an equity perspective, ensuring that every child has access to SEL requires a systemic approach and a strong commitment from those responsible for formulating educational policies. This policy report is aimed at policymakers eager to widen their understanding, address the challenges and increase the opportunities for social-emotional learning in their education system. The report is a joint effort by HundrED and the LEGO Foundation to highlight relevant research, share key challenges and showcase successful solutions implemented across the world.

Research | 5.11.2021
Spotlight: Social & Emotional Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed a global discussion of the importance of schools and teachers for supporting children social and emotional learning. Policymakers, school administrators, and teachers are working to reconceptualise approaches to teaching and learning that help students develop skills for setting goals, managing behaviour, and building relationships, within and beyond the classroom. In order for education systems to truly develop the broad set of competencies young people need to thrive socially, academically, and professionally, students need to develop a range of social and emotional skills.

Social and emotional skills help us to handle our impulses, manage and speak about emotions, and build healthy relationships. After the mass trauma caused by the pandemic, we all need these skills more than ever. But how can we increase social and emotional skills in children throughout the globe in a systematic way? HundrED and The LEGO Foundation have partnered in this Spotlight project to identify impactful and scalable solutions that help parents and educators support the development of children’s social and emotional skills. 

Research | 3.11.2021
HundrED Impact Report: 2021

HundrED Impact 2021 report focuses on what we’ve done this year and where we are going in 2022. From this report you can find information about our theory of change, projects and partners, and how to work with us.

Research | 3.11.2021
HundrED Global Collection: 2022

2021 has once again been a challenging year, with the educational provision and students’ learning continuing to be impacted globally. We have seen first hand how education innovators over the last two years have not been overwhelmed, but have risen to the occasion and put students and their education first. This year has shown us the value of enhancing social and emotional learning, supporting teacher professional development, engaging parents in education, and teaching 21st-century skills to ensure students can adapt to a constantly changing society. We have seen that all these factors must be embedded in holistic education systems with child centered approaches that use assessment for learning

HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. Now in our 5th Collection, the goal is to inspire a grassroots movement by helping pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread and adapt to multiple contexts across the world. 

Research | 13.10.2021
Spotlight: Holistic Education in South & South-East Asia

Education is a lifelong process where a learner is constantly raising their bar. Life itself is a journey of personal growth and development and therefore the classroom curriculum should reflect the world around us. It should help the learner understand what’s going on around her. Education should be about studying to learn and not learning to study. The role of a teacher is to help a learner understand the process of learning to learn. This takes more precedence now than ever before as we move into a decade that does not resemble anything that we have witnessed in the past. Education, just like us, needs to be Wholistic – one that is dynamic, responsive, and open to new ideas and change.

HundrED and Druk Gyalpo’s Institute, Bhutan collaborated to identify and show- case innovations in the South and South East Asia region that focuses on holistic education.

Research | 23.9.2021
Spotlight: Parental Engagement

Engaging parents and families to help make education more aligned with innovative pedagogy is critical if change efforts to education are to be sustained. Therefore, building trusting relationships and confidence among parents to participate in the education process is essential. 

This Spotlight project aims to identify and promote impactful and scalable solutions that support the engagement of parents with their child’s education. This project is a collaboration between HundrED, Kidsburgh, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings, and IDEO with financial support provided by The Grable Foundation.

Research | 22.6.2021
Spotlight: 21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean

There is a wealth of conversation around the world today on the future of the workplace and the skills required for children to thrive in that future. Most everyone can agree that the schools of today are not effectively preparing children for that workforce, but it’s much more difficult to predict what it will actually look like. Instead perhaps we should be focusing on outlining a few key principles that will help people thrive in life no matter what happens. Without certain core abilities, even extreme knowledge or job-specific skills will not be worth much in the long run.

To address these issues, HundrED and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) conducted this Spotlight project with the goal of identifying and researching leading innovations that focus on 21st Century Skills in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Research | 22.6.2021
Spotlight: Habilidades del siglo XXI en América Latina y el Caribe

Hoy en día, existe un abundante diálogo en todo el mundo sobre el futuro del trabajo y las habilidades necesarias para que los niños prosperen en ese futuro. Casi todos estamos más o menos de acuerdo en que las escuelas de hoy no están preparando a los niños de manera eficaz para formar parte de esa fuerza laboral, pero predecir cómo será realmente ese futuro es mucho más difícil. En cambio, tal vez deberíamos centrarnos en delinear algunos principios clave que ayudarán a las personas a prosperar en la vida pase lo que pase. Sin ciertas habilidades básicas, incluso los conocimientos más rigurosos o las habilidades específicas del trabajo no valdrán mucho a largo plazo.

Para abordar estos problemas, HundrED y el Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) llevaron a cabo este proyecto Spotlight con el objetivo de identificar e investigar innovaciones líderes que se centren en las habilidades del siglo XXI en América Latina y el Caribe.

Research | 18.12.2020
Spotlight: Visual Arts

HundrED and Supercell believe that fostering Visual Art skills can be just as important as numeracy and literacy. Furthermore, we also believe that Visual Arts can be integrated into all learning in schools and developed in a diversity of ways. To this end, the purpose of this project is to shine a spotlight, and make globally visible, leading education innovations from around the world doing exceptional work on developing the skill of Visual Arts for all students, teachers, and leaders in schools today.

Research | 4.11.2020
HundrED Impact 2020

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic challenged our most basic assumptions about education. While we are concerned about increases in inequality and learning loss, we are also optimistic about the impetus to improve education that these challenges have caused. Our previous readers may notice we decided to separate our usual Yearbook into two reports this year: (a) this Impact 2020 report focusing on what we’ve done this year and where we are going in 2021, and (b) a dedicated report for our Global Collection 2021, which can be downloaded in our Global Collection 2021 Collection page. We hope that this separation will provide some clarity around these two purposes and make it easier to access their contents.

Research | 4.11.2020
Spotlight: Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED talk “Do schools kill creativity?” was a clarion call that sparked a groundswell of support to foster creativity, which has since become central to discussions around school change globally. Today, almost every educator agrees that we need to consider creativity as a fundamental skill to be cultivated in schools. The question is how. HundrED and The LEGO Foundation have teamed up to answer that question by shining a Spotlight on 20 leading innovations fostering creativity in the world today. 

Research | 4.11.2020
HundrED Global Collection: 2021

2020 has seen the largest ever impact on education globally. COVID-19 has forced everyone to adopt and adapt new ways of teaching and learning at a speed like never before. With these current needs in mind, the HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 leading innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. Now in our 4th Collection, the goal is to inspire a grassroots movement by helping pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread and adapt to multiple contexts across the world. To make this year’s Global Collection, a shortlist of innovations was reviewed by 150 Academy Members consisting of academics, educators, innovators, funders and leaders from over 50 countries.

Research | 4.11.2020
Creativity Spotlight: Five Innovation Responses to COVID-19

According to UNESCO, COVID-19 has dramatically impacted over 90% of school education globally this year. In addition to our Creativity Spotlight report with The LEGO Foundation, we believed it important to recognise the impact this crisis has caused these innovations. This supplementary mini-report presents case studies from surveys and interviews on how five of the selected innovators have responded to COVID-19 as a result of widespread school closures. The purpose is to illuminate how a variety of innovations have coped with the challenges they faced (and continue to face), and shed light on the changes/learnings since.

Research | 13.10.2020
Spotlight: Learning Forerunners Across America

In partnership with Remake Learning and The Grable Foundation, this Learning Forerunners Across America report identifies and highlights 16 innovations that power the most promising learning ecosystems throughout the United States. This release coincides with the national launch of Remake Learning Days Across America in 16 cities, a yearlong festival kicks off on October 13, 2020. 

The innovations presented here focus on big-picture, system-level, impactful solutions at scale that are operating across multiple schools and/or institutions. You’ll see there are many inspiring examples: from connecting K-12 teachers with innovative science and engineering research in Central Pennsylvania, to giving students the tools to design their own learning in Northeast Ohio. These 16 cities break the structural boundaries of outdated traditional systems in K-12 education, and exemply partnerships on multiple connecting levels.

Research | 28.9.2020
Development of an innovation- friendly education system

The aim of this report is to examine innovation-friendliness in the education system. By this, we mean an education system that recognises problems and unsatisfied needs and searches workable solutions to them. An innovation-friendly system enables the development of these solutions and ensures their high-quality implementation.

Research | 23.9.2020
Spotlight: Tvåspråkig undervisning

Tvåspråkighet är en pedagogisk utmaning som under de senaste åren har fått en allt större betydelse på global nivå. Globaliseringen och tekniska framsteg bidrar till att gränserna mellan språkliga och kulturella gemenskaper suddas ut. I dagens flerspråkiga och mångkulturella värld uppskattas fler än hälften av världens befolkning vara mer eller mindre tvåspråkig. Därmed verkar många vara överens om att två- och flerspråkighet är normen, medan enspråkighet utgör undantaget.

Mer generellt har vi sökt innovationer som bäst stöder lärandet av språk i positiva och välkomnande tvåspråkiga miljöer – innovationer som på ett eller annat sätt kan föra samman och stödja hela skolgemenskapen. Många av våra utvalda innovationer tjänar därför ett flerspråkigt syfte. De främjar samhörighet, medvetenhet, interkulturell dialog och positiva upplevelser genom att öka intresset och moti­vationen att lära sig uppskatta och älska språk!

Research | 23.9.2020
Spotlight on Bilingual Education

Through our research, we have discovered that bilingual education is about learning how to think and act in two (or more) languages and how to navigate between them. Bilingual education is an inclusive environment where more than one language is used to learn!

We have been mindful of searching for innovations that best support the learning of languages in positive and welcoming bilingual and multilingual environments – innovations that in one way or another can bring together and support all members of a school community.

With this Spotlight, we are proud to highlight innovative practices and approaches in bilingual education that excite, inspire, enable, create and support bilingual teaching and learning, language awareness and confidence, mother tongue education, bilingualism and multilingualism, cultural exchange, inclusion and diversity.

Research | 23.9.2020
Spotlight: Kaksikielinen koulutus

Vain harvat koulutukselliset haasteet ovat olleet yhtä tärkeitä maailmanlaajuisesti kuin kaksikielisyys. Globalisaatio ja teknologinen kehitys hämärtävät kielellisten ja kulttuuristen yhteisöjen välisiä rajoja. Nykypäivän monikielisessä ja monikulttuurisessa maailmassa uskotaan, että yli puolet maailman väestöstä on enemmän tai vähemmän kaksikielistä. Tämän vuoksi monet näyttävät olevan samaa mieltä siitä, että kaksikielisyys on normi, ja että yksikielisyydestä on tulossa poikkeus. 

Tässä raportissa olemme tietoisesti etsineet innovaatioita, jotka tukevat parhaiten kielten oppimista myönteisissä kaksikielisissä ja monikielisissä ympäristöissä, joihin kaikki ovat tervetulleita. Etsimme innovaatioita, jotka tavalla tai toisella voivat yhdistää ja tukea kaikkia kouluyhteisön jäseniä. Monet raporttiin valituista innovaatioista palvelevat siis monikielistä tarkoitusta, sillä ne edistävät yhteenkuuluvuutta, tietoisuutta, kulttuurienvälistä vuoropuhelua ja myönteisiä kokemuksia kannustamalla kiinnostusta ja motivaatiota oppia, arvostaa ja rakastaa kieliä enemmän!

Research | 18.9.2020
Innovaatiomyönteisen koulutusjärjestelmän kehittäminen

Raportin tavoitteena on käsitellä innovaatiomyönteisyyttä koulutusjärjestelmässä. Tarkoitamme tällä sellaista koulutusjärjestelmää, joka tunnistaa ongelmia ja tyydyttämättömiä tarpeita ja etsii niihin toimivia ratkaisuja. Innovaatiomyönteinen järjestelmä mahdollistaa näiden ratkaisuja kehittämisen ja kantaa huolta niiden laadukkaasta toteuttamisesta ja levittämisestä.

Research | 8.9.2020
Schools that Learn

The aim of this report is to examine schools that learn. By this, we mean schools and school organisations that recognise problems and unsatisfied needs and search workable solutions to them. An innovation-friendly school enables the development of these solutions and ensures their high-quality implementation.

As a part of this report we interviewed 5 innovative learning organisations who have been selected to HundrED’s previous Global Collections. This indicates these organisations have been evaluated as highly impactful and scalable by HundrED’s Academy who are selected experts in education from all around the world.

Research | 25.5.2020
Spotlight-Bericht über hochwertige Bildung für alle während der Covid-19-Krise

HundrED hat in Kooperation mit der Organisation für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (OECD) eine Webseite und einen zusammenfassenden Bericht, Hochwertige Bildung für alle in Zeiten von Covid-19, veröffentlicht, der die Chancen und Herausforderungen dieser beispiellosen Zeit beleuchtet. Eine Rekordzahl von 1,54 Milliarden Kindern und Jugendlichen ist von der Pandemie betroffen; und gemäß dem Stand vom 31. März haben 185 Länder in Asien, Europa, dem Nahen Osten, Nordamerika und Südamerika die Schließungen ihrer Schulen und Universitäten bekanntgegeben oder bereits umgesetzt.

In nur zehn Tagen hat HundrED eine Sammlung von 30 einfachen, aber wirksame Lösungen zusammengestellt und veröffentlicht. Die Sammlung steht allen Eltern, Lehrpersonen, Schülerinnen und Schülern zur Verfügung, um sie dabei zu unterstützen, den zahlreichen Herausforderungen zu begegnen, die während der Pandemie aufkommen. Der Bericht liefert eine Vielzahl von Erkenntnissen und Hilfestellungen. Von der Chance für Lehrkräfte stärkere Beziehungen zu Eltern und Lernenden (besonders zu Schülerinnen und Schülern mit Behinderung) aufzubauen über Herausforderungen, denen sich unerfahrene Lehrkräfte stellen müssen bis hin zu dem Problem fehlender technischer/digitaler Voraussetzungen gibt es Lösungsansätze in dem Bericht.

Laden sie den Bericht weiter unten kostenlos herunter.

Research | 8.5.2020
Spotlight sull’istruzione di qualità per tutti durante la pandemia di Covid-19

HundrED ha pubblicato un sito web e un report sintetico, “Quality education for all during Covid-19 crisis”, in collaborazione con l’Organizzazione per la cooperazione e lo sviluppo economico (OCSE) che approfondisce il tema delle opportunità e delle sfide che queste circostanze senza precedenti presentano per l’istruzione. La pandemia ha ripercussioni su un numero record di 1,54 miliardi di bambini e, al 31 di marzo, 185 Paesi di Asia, Europa, Medio Oriente, America del Nord e America del Sud avevano annunciato o già predisposto la chiusura di scuole e università. 

Nel giro di dieci giorni, HundrED ha documentato, confezionato e pubblicato una raccolta di 30 soluzioni semplici ma efficaci per aiutare genitori, insegnanti e bambini a destreggiarsi nella moltitudine di difficoltà da affrontare per l’istruzione durante la pandemia. Dall’opportunità per gli insegnanti di instaurare rapporti molto più solidi con i genitori e gli allievi (specialmente quelli con disabilità) alle sfide che si presentano agli insegnanti privi di una formazione adeguata alle circostanze e all’impossibilità di accedere alle risorse digitali per l’apprendimento, il report contiene informazioni utili e risorse in abbondanza. 

Scarica il report gratuitamente (in inglese, sotto).

Research | 28.4.2020
Informe sobre una calidad educativa para todos durante la crisis del coronavirus

HundrED ha lanzado una página web y un informe, Una educación de calidad para todos durante la crisis del coronavirus, en colaboración con la Organización para la Cooperación y Desarrollo Económicos (OCDE), amplificando las oportunidades y desafíos para la educación durante este momento sin precedentes. Un número récord de 1.540 millones De niños se han visto afectados por la pandemia, y para el 31 de marzo, 185 países en Asia, Europa, Oriente Media, América del Norte y América del Sur habían anunciado o llevado a cabo cierres de universidades y colegios.

En el lapso de 10 días, HundrED ha documentado, estructurado y lanzado una colección de 30 soluciones simples pero efectivas para ayudar a familias, profesores y alumnos a surcar este océano de retos a los que se enfrenta la educación durante la pandemia. Desde la oportunidad para los docentes de lograr conexiones mucho más sólidas con las familias de los estudiantes (especialmente aquellos con necesidades especiales) hasta cómo afrontar el reto de gestionar a profesorado sin formación y con falta de acceso a recursos de aprendizaje, el informe tiene una gran cantidad de buenas prácticas y recursos.   

Descarga el informe de forma gratuita más abajo

Research | 3.4.2020
Spotlight on quality education for all during Covid-19 crisis

HundrED has released a website and a summary report, Quality Education For All During Covid-19, in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), expanding on the opportunities and challenges for education during this unprecedented time. A record number of 1.54 billion children and youth have been impacted by the pandemic, and as of 31st March, 185 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America have announced or implemented school and university closures. 

In the span of ten days, HundrED has documented, packaged and released a collection of 30 simple, yet effective solutions that help parents, teachers and children navigate through the plethora of challenges facing education during the pandemic. From the opportunity for teachers to form much stronger connections with parents, students (especially for students with disabilities) to challenges of untrained teachers and lack of access to digital learning resources, the report has plentiful insights and resources. 

Download the report for free below.

Research | 10.12.2019
Spotlight on Employability

Organized together with Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation HundrED Spotlight on Employability Skills is a curated collection of 10 education innovations offering inspiring solutions to provide future life and career skills for students. The HundrED Spotlight is co-organized together with the Foundation to start their NXTEducator program on the theme of employability. 

Research | 3.12.2019
Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing

The HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing report provides insight into digital wellbeing education globally, introduces teacher and students perspective on the topic, includes observations from HundrED and Supercell, and describes the 10 Spotlight Innovations in detail. The Spotlight got support from our main partner Supercell, research partner The Diana Award and media partner ISTE,

Research | 26.11.2019
Spotlight on Financial Skills for the Youth

Together with OP Financial Group, we have identified 10 education innovations teaching youth financial skills from Finland and other parts of the world. The goal of this Spotlight was to identify how young people learn financial skills now and how they could be best taught in the future. These practical, scalable and pedagogically sound innovations are here to increase young people's learning of financial skills.

Research | 6.11.2019
Yearbook 2020

The annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for free. Now in our third Collection, the goal is to help pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations spread across the world. 

We evaluate each innovation for its impact and scalability based on the latest information and from multiple perspectives (e.g. teachers, students, leaders, innovators). For example, this year, as part of our selection process, a total of 2008 reviews were made by our expert Academy Members. We hope that this Collection will contribute to our mission at HundrED so that every child has the opportunity to flourish in life.

Download HundrED Yearbook 2020 for free to learn more about our research process, the impact of education innovations and which innovations were selected for 2020. 

Research | 10.10.2019
HundrED Forerunner: Improving Education in Helsinki

The city of Helsinki is proud to be the first HundrED Forerunner. As the world around us has become more complex, new and versatile skills are required in order to thrive. HundrED Forerunner identifies top-level innovations that can improve education immediately and at scale. HundrED Forerunner on Helsinki presents system-level innovations for implementing the goals of the new curriculum in Finland.

Research | 1.10.2019
Spotlight on Switzerland - Digital Transformation at School

Spotlight Switzerland – Digital Transformation at School is part of the HundrED Spotlight collection. It aims to highlight emerging best practices and supports inspiring teachers who actively tackle digital change in the classroom together with their students. The call for projects was open to all teachers working in Switzerland at kindergarten, primary and secondary levels.

Research | 23.9.2019
Spotlight on Pittsburgh, USA

HundrED is shining a spotlight on the educators and innovators who are doing extraordinary things to help students in southwestern Pennsylvania. The HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh identifies inspiring education innovations from the Pittsburgh region.

Research | 2.4.2019
Innovators Funding Needs For Education Innovations

The purpose of this study was to collect information about funding needs for scaling up K12 education innovations. HundrED 2019 Global Collection innovators were asked about their current funding status, future funding needs, and their experiences of the funding process in general.

Research | 22.3.2019
Spotlight on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

HundrED was asked to research Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) on an international scale. As part of this research ‘Spotlight’ on TVET, three surveys were carried out, eliciting the opinions of TVET institution leaders, employers and students in Finland.

Research | 7.11.2018
Yearbook 2019

When showcasing education innovations we consider three fundamental characteristics: innovativeness, impact and scalability. Innovations can be scaled on these concepts which have shown to be critical in supporting transformation education worldwide. We have found that innovations from around the globe have numerous benefits, such as learning outcomes, quality of education provision, motivation, efficiency and interpersonal skills. 

The HundrED 2019 yearbook summarizes the impact of HundrED and showcases the incredible work of the Inspiring Innovations of 2019.  Download it for free now!

Research | 2.11.2018
Spotlight on Sustainability

The HundrED Spotlight on Sustainability highlights the innovative practices happening in education that address this important issue. We spent nine months researching sustainability in education and identifying the people already making this a priority in their educational settings. Together in partnership with MUSE School, California, and with the help of an expert advisory board, we’ve selected ten innovations which are impactful, address sustainability in a fresh way and have either spread to other settings or have the potential to.


This report was revealed at the HundrED Sustainability Summit in November 2018. 

Research | 3.10.2018
Spotlight on Victoria, Australia

HundrED with their local partner Education Changemakers identified ten inspiring Victorian education innovations to be revealed at the EduChange Festival in 2018.

Research | 11.6.2018
Every Child to Flourish

This research was conducted by HundrED to examine perceived needs of all stakeholders in education globally, through a State of the Debate review and Global Youth Survey. As young people are too often excluded from educational change, a core part of this exploration gains key insights from youth internationally. Everyone has a role to play in improving education, from students to systems leaders, to academics and teachers. It is time to engage all stakeholders, everywhere, to understand that we can utilize deep insights and change from around the world in our continuously interconnecting global community. This will allow us to move forward together, innovating for an education that allows every child to flourish, no matter what happens in life.

If you would like to share feedback on this research and/or what you think needs to improve in education please fill out this survey! We highly value your views and will use your comments in future research.

Suggested citation: Spencer-Keyse, A. Jessica & Warren, Frederika (2018), “Every Child to Flourish: Understanding Global Perspectives on Improving Education. Insights from a state of the debate review & global youth survey.’ HundrED Research.