HundrED Services

HundrED identifies education innovations and helps them spread. Our goal is to ensure quality education for every child in the world. We believe that can be achieved by supporting pedagogically sound education innovations spread. Our services have come about from our work with diverse changemakers in education, and we are always happy to discuss new ideas to make change happen.

We help identify or implement innovations

We work closely with education providers and school systems on innovation. We can identify innovative policies and practices that should be globally recognized, or help improve or implement innovations.

Promote innovation in education

Our partners are visionary supporters of education innovation. Global partners work with us in a variety of ways, while Spotlight partners sponsor projects that are aligned with their work in regions and/or themes.

Work with us to make change happen

Funders help innovation spread faster than anyone. We provide our expertise to funders looking to solve challenges globally or locally, and sometimes expand their horizons on what and where to fund.

Our approach


The starting point of our work is always an educator´s need. For example: “how should we teach critical thinking skills?” or ”how can we improve assessment?”


Almost always there are several good solutions that already exist. We identify them and connect educators with innovators.


However, that is only the beginning. We don´t believe in quick fixes. We help you to create a long term implementation plan and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


Spotlight: Parental Engagement

Engaging parents and families to help make education more aligned with innovative pedagogy is critical if change efforts to education are to be sustained. Therefore, building trusting relationships and confidence among parents to participate in the education process is essential. 

This Spotlight project aims to identify and promote impactful and scalable solutions that support the engagement of parents with their child’s education. This project is a collaboration between HundrED, Kidsburgh, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings, and IDEO with financial support provided by The Grable Foundation.

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Free for Innovators

Want your innovation to be considered for our 100 Inspiring Innovations? Or fancy finding out what other people are up to around the world? HundrED is where anyone can share their work in education and enter to be included in HundrED's Global Collection research.

We help you to improve, promote and spread your innovation

As an education innovator you can share your education innovation to HundrED database for free and reach more implementers. HundrED annually selects over 100 education innovations to its Global Collection and Spotlight collections. 
All selected innovators can use HundrED Connect and Donation services and are invited to HundrED Innovation Summit.

HundrED Innovation Summit

The HundrED Innovation Summit brings together the world's most inspiring innovators and funders in education. The HundrED Innovation Summit is a 3-day, high profile invitation-only celebration of the world's most inspiring education innovations – with talks, workshops and discussions. All innovators selected in HundrED Spotlights or Global Collection are invited to join us in Helsinki to celebrate the amazing, innovative things going on in education.

More about innovation summit

HundrED Tailor-Mades

Applying an education innovation to new contexts is always difficult. Our holistic approach ensures you are set up for a successful outcome: 

1. Hear from all education stakeholders to understand their challenges and goals.

2. Identify relevant solutions based on our expertise in global education innovation.

3. Co-develop an implementation plan that adequately and thoughtfully achieve your goals.

Contact us to discuss a Tailor-Made project or read more here.

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HundrED Lab

Some innovative educators we work with want to develop their own solutions or ideas in education. Based on our work with innovators around the world, we are always excited by the prospect of creating something completely new.

Contact Us to share your Lab idea or learn more here.

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HundrED Research

We have partnered with innovative schools and education systems to understand how innovation works at scale. Our research reports are comprehensive summaries of our findings, including incorporating global perspectives into local education systems.

Contact us now if to share your Research idea or learn more here.

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Global Partner

We are humbled by each of our Global Partners that support our efforts to help every child flourish in life. Our partners work with us and fund in a variety of ways that align with their individual objectives or interests.

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Regional Spotlight

Spotlights are a great way to recognize innovation in your region and within or outside your schools. We have worked with partners on Spotlights in every continent to help local innovations spread.

Contact Us to share your Spotlight idea or learn more here.

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Thematic Spotlight

Thematic Spotlights are typically global searches for innovations within a specific theme or area in innovation. Our partners work with us on thematic spotlights for a variety of reasons, ranging from investment interested to thought leadership.

Contact Us to share your Spotlight idea or learn more here.

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Share your innovation

HundrED publishes articles, videos and hosts events for education stakeholders. 

To share the voices of education innovators and HundrED community, we have a unique approach to media in the field of education. We make sure every story is inspirational and positive, uplifting educators and audiences worldwide to make sure they feel supported and appreciated. 


All of our articles and videos are of the highest quality, as we believe that those working in education deserve the very best. Our aim is to simplify our audience’s lives by sharing innovations that have been proven to improve education and sharing it in an accessible way that makes innovations easy to implement. We want to make sure that our audience – from parents, to students, to educators to policymakers – feel they can trust the innovations we’ve picked, understand why they’re important, and know-how to make them happen.

For more information on starting your own GLocal or engage with our global network, contact our Head of Community & Media, Pukhraj Ranjan at

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HundrED Connect

HundrED Connect is an invitation-only platform committed to helping the education community thrive.


The HundrED Connect platform is an invitation only, closed group. Access to creating, seeing, and responding to requests is restricted to our selected innovators (piloting with the HundrED 2020 Collection), implementers, and funders. Everyone on the platform can create request “cards” on the Connect web application, which will be visible to the whole community. Other members of the community can respond to the request by connecting with the requestor directly. To ensure that all the requests are attended to, HundrED will also ensure each request is reviewed and help identify someone inside or outside the community who can help, and then work to facilitate that connection.  

In the long term, HundrED also aims to build a capacity-building and knowledge-sharing component to the Connect platform, so that both funders and innovators can go to the platform to learn or access the tools they need to grow different areas of their organisations. Our dream is to build an easy to use service that can offer meaningful help for HundrED Community, and we look forward to sharing many success stories from the platform. 

Access HundrED Connect

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Funders Collection

The HundrED Education Funders Collection is a selection of inspiring education funders who share our passion to help prepare children to flourish in life, no matter what happens. The Collection features information on funders’ investment themes, target regions, and support structures in order to help our innovators find investment partners that can help them scale their impact.

All innovators selected to HundrED Global,  Spotlight or Forerunner Collections have an access to see full details of all hand-selected education funders. 

Access Funders Collection

If you are an education funder and interested in being featured in the Funder’s Collection and gain access to HundrED’s global network of education forerunners, please contact us. 

Do you want to be included or do you have questions? Get in touch  at

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Our funders collection features education funders from around the global that make change happen locally or globally. Any funder can create a page for free and receive interest from our exclusive selection of education innovators.

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While every education context in the world is different, there are still many similarities. We have found many funders are trying to solve local problems that have been addressed in other contexts globally.

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We have researched thousands of innovations and developed global expertise in education innovations that are impactful and scalable. We would be happy to share our perspective on education innovation inside or outside our community.

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