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What does it mean for education to be inclusive?
Every student is unique, and inclusive education ensures that each student is able to learn in an environment that best suits their learning needs.
1.12.2023 Jamie Lee
Weaving the Future: Holistic Approaches to Educational Innovation
Resilience, empathy, community engagement, and ways of seeing are all part of the story of the 2024 Global Collection. Come explore the dynamic world of modern learning, where education transcends bou
Vivi Lin awarded the Gender Responsive Education Award
HundrED, a global organisation that amplifies education innovations around the world, honoured Vivi Lin, founder of With Red, with the Gender Responsive Education Award. The Gender Responsive Educatio
24.11.2023 Jamie Lee
EdTech Innovations in Bangladesh are addressing the country’s most pressing issues
HundrED partnered with EdTech Hub to seek Edtech innovations in Bangladesh in order to better understand the EdTech innovation ecosystem in the country. By gaining a better grasp of the ecosystem, thi
24.11.2023 Jamie Lee
The paradox of play and school - can play support learning?
“Stop playing. We are here to learn” is a phrase that you may have heard often by teachers as a child. Play is often seen as the opposite of learning or what is supposed to be done in school. But rese
22.11.2023 Jamie Lee
community article
Six principles for quality education by HundrED's Youth Ambassadors
On November 20th, World Children's Day, we honour and celebrate children's and youth's voices - remembering to incorporate their views and opinions every day of the year in decisions affecting them.
20.11.2023 Anna Paula Herrera
Not the Same Old Story: Narrative Approaches in the Classroom
Discover the transformative power of narratives in education and how innovative approaches are harnessing the art of storytelling to engage learners, foster deep understanding, and create meaningful c
10.11.2023 Alex Shapero
Remake Learning founder Gregg Behr named Champion of the Year
HundrED, a global organization that amplifies education innovations around the world, honored Gregg Behr, executive director of the Pittsburgh-based Grable Foundation, as its 2023 Champion of the Year
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is at the Heart of Learning
Are our schools doing enough to support the emotional and social development of our young people? Discover how Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is revolutionizing education, with innovative approac
6.11.2023 Alex Shapero
Education trends for 2024 include Edtech, AI, Teacher Agency, Future Skills, Inclusivity & Wellbeing
The HundrED Global Collection 2024 is now available for download! HundrED’s annual Global Collection highlights 100 of the brightest innovations in K12 education from around the world to anyone for fr
How to Build Trust and Sustainable Family-School Engagement
Many parents have historically been involved in their children's education but not necessarily in direct cooperation with teachers but the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the parent
31.10.2023 Karin Metsäpelto
What's Happening at the HundrED Innovation Summit?
The HundrED Innovation Summit is the premier gathering of innovators, experts, and educational change-makers in the HundrED community, this year with the theme of Championing Innovation. While the Sum