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Deaf linguistic digital empowerment

Literacy for the Deaf, Mexico

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The innovation that we present is an educational services website for the Deaf. We are committed to national and international collaborations in exchanging advances in Pedagogy of the Deaf. Our primary strategy is to promote teamwork to disseminate deaf education with equity in Mexico. We have collaborated to develop digital tools through the SERJA device. We collaborate with universities.
César E.  Escobedo President; Itzel Moreno Vice-President. Literacy for the Deaf
1. Sign language means cohesion and creative force of the Deaf Community. 2. The optimal learning and empowerment for the Deaf, is to guarantee Deaf Pedagogy.

César E. Escobedo President; Itzel Moreno Vice-President. Literacy for the Deaf


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Updated on June 21st, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Signing is a right and Mexican Sign Language must be recognized. 86% of Mexican Deaf citizens do not have access to education, even with hearing support (INEGI, 2016). Contributions of Deaf researchers, point out that technology is a new strategy that can improve Deaf Education [See Paddy Ladd Conference, 2019 in]
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How does your innovation work in practice?

We base ourselves on the foundation of Pedagogy for the Deaf. We work in digital collaboration for the instruction of Deaf professionals, Deaf andi spoken nterpreter. For example, Professor Roger Prestes of the Post-Graduation Master's Degree in Translation Studies with the University of Do Cariri, Brazi, is Professor in this digital course. Sign Language Interpreters of LSM and SSI interpret. There are 350 graduates in 4 lessons: Bilingual Education for the Deaf, International Sign System, Language Policy for the Deaf and Training Course for Deaf Interpreters. Our primary strategy is to promote collaborations for the dissemination of Deaf education. We have partnered with Señas en la Comunidad México and Literacy for the Deaf. We work together. Department of Inclusion of the Autonomous University of Hidalgo issues the certificates. We are also in collaboration with the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Hidalgo. We also reseach. DOI:DOI: 10.1080/1034912X.2021.1885629

How has it been spreading?

There is better dissemination and understanding of Deaf Pedagogy from the Deaf in Mexico. We are pioneers in the area, and we are very proud. Collaboration has been vital. We agreed with the Digital University of the State of Hidalgo and the Undersecretariat of Public Education to offer the digital degree Business Management and Project Development accessible in Mexican Sign Language. 22 Deaf students are already studying propaedeutic in this degree

If I want to try it, what should I do?

• link the services with the page.
• Selection of page participants.
• Database format.
4-6 month:
• recordings of the first 2 workshop videos,
• test/pilot the system with the deaf.
7-8 month:
• get support from collaboration
9-11 months:
• evaluation of this first 10 months by:
Focus groups with users.
Review of our Blue Print for directionality and improvement


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