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Meet the Youth Committee of Youth Ambassador Programme's Cohort 2
Learn about the young changemakers supporting the second cohort of the Youth Ambassador Programme!
21.9.2023 Anna Paula Herrera
Ready for the Next Level? Gamification Might Be the Power-Up Your Classroom Needs
Over the past two decades, our attention span has evolved, prompting us to find new and stimulating ways to maintain engagement and interest. Our minds are adapting to navigating this new terrain of s
19.9.2023 Effie-Ling Heslop
Navigating the 'Messy Middle' - HundrED's latest Position Paper
HundrED has published its second position paper "The Messy Middle: Implementing Education Innovations at Scale." The paper delves into innovation implementation, examining the challenges and triumphs
15.9.2023 Karin Metsäpelto
Playing to Learn: A Look into Gamifying the Curricula for 2023
Gamified or play-based education involves using elements of game design to enhance student motivation and engagement. It has been around for decades and is quite widely spread but embedding it within
14.9.2023 Karin Metsäpelto
The Future is EdTech - How Innovations Bring it to All
One of the most promising trends of the last century is the growth of Educational Technology, or EdTech. As classrooms expand beyond traditional brick-and-mortar settings, EdTech is emerging as one of
12.9.2023 Effie-Ling Heslop
Making Project-Based Learning Approachable: Tools and Frameworks for Implementing PBL
As the world stage becomes increasingly competitive, schools are constantly looking for new ways to engage students and make learning more exciting. Project-Based Learning, which has been a growing tr
5.9.2023 Effie-Ling Heslop
Nurturing a sustainable future: Innovative approaches to education for sustainable development
As concerns about climate change, resource depletion, and ecological degradation intensify, so does the urgent need for a sustainable future.  It is now more vital than ever for the education sector t
29.8.2023 Effie-Ling Heslop
Adaptive Teaching and Inclusive Learning: A Match Made in Heaven
Individuals each have diverse learning needs, making it particularly difficult for some to thrive in school environments. Read more about how EKUI and the Accelerated Learning Recovery Program make li
22.8.2023 Effie-Ling Heslop
community article
International Youth Day: a celebration of the new generation of changemakers
When thinking about changemaking it's impossible to not think about the youth. International Youth Day is celebrated annually on August 12th as an opportunity to bring youth issues to the attention of
12.8.2023 Anna Paula Herrera & Effie-Ling Heslop
Celebrating International Day of World’s Indigenous People
International World Indigenous Day is a time to recognise and celebrate the rich diversity, culture, and contributions of Indigenous peoples around the world.
8.8.2023 Effie-Ling Heslop
A connection at the HundrED Innovation Summit brought Remake Learning Days to Uruguay
What happens when two inspiring catalyzers meet in Helsinki at the annual HundrED Innovation Summit 2022? Read more about how a simple conversation brought Remake Learning Days from America to Uruguay
3.8.2023 Jamie Lee
Swiss Country Lead, Tim Emens, on the benefits of Vocational and Educational Training in Switzerland
Meet Tim Emens, HundrED Country Lead for Switzerland.
24.7.2023 Tim Emens