HundrED Services

HundrED identifies education innovations and helps them spread. Our goal is to ensure quality education for every child in the world. We believe that can be achieved by supporting pedagogically sound education innovations spread. Our services have come about from our work with diverse changemakers in education, and we are always happy to discuss new ideas to make change happen.

identify & implement

We help identify and implement innovations

Education funders, providers and school systems work closely with HundrED. We can identify innovative education solutions and practices through HundrED Spotlights, and support their implementation with our HundrED Tailor-Made process.
research & innovate

Promote innovation in education

Our partners want to improve education systems within their context. HundrED Research conducts reports and studies on specified themes, and HundrED Lab can experiment and create solutions for specific needs.

Policy Report: Social & Emotional Learning

Social and emotional skills are crucial for all of us to thrive in today’s unpredictable world. Thus, social and emotional learning (SEL) has become a top priority on the agendas of education stakeholders in many countries. From an equity perspective, ensuring that every child has access to SEL requires a systemic approach and a strong commitment from those responsible for formulating educational policies. This policy report is aimed at policymakers eager to widen their understanding, address the challenges and increase the opportunities for social-emotional learning in their education system. The report is a joint effort by HundrED and the LEGO Foundation to highlight relevant research, share key challenges and showcase successful solutions implemented across the world.

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HundrED Innovation Summit

The HundrED Innovation Summit brings together the world's most inspiring innovators and funders in education. The HundrED Innovation Summit is a 3-day, high profile invitation-only celebration of the world's most inspiring education innovations – with talks, workshops and discussions. All innovators selected in HundrED Spotlights or Global Collection are invited to join us in Helsinki to celebrate the amazing, innovative things going on in education.

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