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Meet the first complete self-study tool for kids between 3-9

MintiCity Kids: German for Kids

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MintiCity Kids provides a complete, methodical and intuitive learning solution for children to use independently. It also equips parents with the right set of pedagogical tools so that they too can effectively support early language development. Detailed video parent guides and scripts, as well as an easy to follow curriculum, help kids learn German online just like their native language.
Serda Brauns, Project Manager Berlin
Provide children with opportunities to acquire foreign language skills, so that they can build bridges between cultures and create a better future.

Serda Brauns, Project Manager Berlin


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Why did you create this innovation?

The teacher-led version of MintiCity was created to teach German to young learners through gamification and to allow German teachers without programming knowledge to develop versatile online worksheets. The new self-study version MintiCity Kids allows kids to learn German independently, as well as equipping the parents with the right pedagogical tools to guide them skilfully.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Built on the premise of gamification, MintiCity allows kids to enthusiastically learn German at home or at school, without feeling obliged to study. The new self-study version is 100% teacher approved since it was built through the input of teachers who use MintiCity in their schools or classes. In schools, the digital platform is mostly used as a standalone or supplementary digital textbook to bulk up the skills learned in the classroom, or set the lessons as homework tasks so that students get the most out of their face-to-face lessons. In the new self-study version, children learn German grammar deductively - in line with the European Framework of Reference for Languages. Audio-visual and interactive content with natural progression ensures the understanding of authentic use of language from the first lesson and develops independent speech by creating a desire to repeat.

How has it been spreading?

Created by the Deutsche Akademie für Sprachen 14 years ago, long before the era of digital textbooks, the teacher-led version of the platform has already seen over 300,000 K-12 learners come out of its immersive world with an impressive knowledge of the German language. Our goal for the next 2 years is to make excellent language education available to every pre-school and elementary school child in the world, because especially between 3 and 5, stimulation of language development is essential for learning success, and through the right tools and consistency, children between 3 and 9 can effortlessly continue to expand and retain these skills.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Any parent can sign up for a 14-day free trial to discover MintiCity Kids on


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