Professional Development innovations

This collection is a series of innovations dedicated to teacher learning. Teachers are at the heart of education, they bring joy, experience and knowledge to classrooms around the world. With an increase in expectations, we need to better understand how to help teachers thrive in their environment.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
A community for teaching and learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Scientix promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM teachers, education researchers, po
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Education Cities
In a rapidly changing world that moves from the pyramid paradigm to the network paradigm, the primary mission of Education Cities is to develop the art of collaborations – in the classroom, in school,
MasterCoach is a professional development program that enhances mastery, agency and purpose among educators, to create blended-learning ecosystems and 21st century classrooms that embrace quality, equ
Go for Gold education-to-employment, South Africa
Go for Gold is a four-phased education-to-employment programme. Youth from impoverished communities join the skills development programme from Grade 10 onwards, receive Maths & Science tuition, Leader
Amazon Itineraries - IFAs
The Formative Itineraries are a new set of units that high school students can choose to deepen their knowledge in one or more subjects. The Amazon Itineraries - IFAs aim to build a roadmap to adapt t
Global Schools Program
Global Schools (GS) is a flagship program of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, in support of UNESCO’s Roadmap for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The mission o
Jakes Gerwel Fellowship supports aspirational & inspiring future leaders in SA's education system
We are a full university scholarship, providing extensive mentoring & leadership development for top learners with a passion for teaching & education. We nurture expert teachers who embrace innovation
Hunu Teletherapy
It is no secret that early and intensive intervention for autism and social communication delays reduce symptoms but African families are finding it challenging to access interventions for their child
Energised Administration
The government and education leaders manage learning in a large number of schools. Collection and analysis of data can be daunting. Tools to facilitate easy and relevant assessments and analysis that
Academias SED-CISCO
Alianza público-privada que ha permitido a 15.000 jóvenes de colegios públicos de la ciudad de Bogotá y egresados acceder a formación de alto nivel en tecnología e innovación, con una metodología basa
Micro Innovations
Every School leader wishes to enhance their school learning environment so that every student realises their potential. They feel empowered to undertake such daunting projects by using the improvement
Girl Champions Fellowship: Protsahan India Foundation
Protsahan’s Girl Champions Fellowship was instituted in response to the needs and challenges raised by the alumni community at the peak of Covid. Based on our unique HEART Principle and modularized cu