Sustainability innovations

Education plays a key role in educating the future generation on ways they can be involved and act as leaders towards a more sustainable future. The following innovations equip educators & students with the tools to help the sustainability of our planet.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Blueprints - MUSE Global Schools
The MUSE School in California is challenging traditional assessment methods. Teachers at the school use student Blueprints as a guide and motivational tool for learning. Blueprints focus is not only a
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
De-a Arhitectura
De-a Arhitectura is a community of built environment professionals and teachers shaping a better future through architecture education for children, youth and adults. Our programs foster creativity an
Amazon Itineraries - IFAs
The Formative Itineraries are a new set of units that high school students can choose to deepen their knowledge in one or more subjects. The Amazon Itineraries - IFAs aim to build a roadmap to adapt t
Yiya Airscience
Yiya AirScience is an innovative new remote learning model designed for young people in last-mile populations across Africa. It is a virtual classroom which provides interactive, high-quality science
Global Schools Program
Global Schools (GS) is a flagship program of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, in support of UNESCO’s Roadmap for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The mission o
A small GREEN project and right usage of plastics for sustainable future into the school culture.
Plastics can be used sustainably. Through the responsible production, use, and management of packaging’s, the Flexible industry sector can support the SDGs through innovative products and practices th
School Completion and Livelihood Enablement (SCALE)
SCALE operates with an approach of training of teachers to deliver Life skill education aligned with NEP, 2020 to adolescents in Grade 6 to 10 by partnering with Government system. The program is base
Kimple education
The digital environment for teachers with pedagogical resources for an immediate classroom implementation to bring SDG related topics: sustainability, gender equality, diversity, fake news, computatio
EDU AT EDGE is a technology-based initiative that aims at increasing and easing access to education for young mothers, children with disabilities, and those living in rural villages and refugee camps
School of Hidden Talent
We are trying to spread quality of education from rural to urban. We are inspiring students to get education for innovation based entrepreneur.
Energised Administration
The government and education leaders manage learning in a large number of schools. Collection and analysis of data can be daunting. Tools to facilitate easy and relevant assessments and analysis that
Kusi Kawsay: andean pedagogy
The Kusi Kawsay Association seeks to empower the children, youth and adults of Indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley near Cusco (Peru) through the creation and support of permanent and multidisc