Rural Education innovations

Rural education is characterised by context, where education takes place in an area that is geographically isolated with a small population.
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Read Smart
Read Smart is an innovative project to combat COVID-19 learning loss and improve early literacy outcomes based on the use of phonetic charts, illustrating the mouth positions associated with each soun
Yiya Airscience
Yiya AirScience is an innovative new remote learning model designed for young people in last-mile populations across Africa. It is a virtual classroom which provides interactive, high-quality science
The ScholarLink Acacdemy
The ScholarLink Academy is a powerful all-in-one e-learning platform that helps learners gain access to quality education digitally from any part of the world. The platform fights unemployment among q
Mindspark Vernacular - Personalised Adaptive Learning
Mindspark is a Personalised Adaptive Learning (PAL) tool that solves misconceptions by providing students with competency-based individualised instruction. Through this, it enables Teaching at the Rig
EDU AT EDGE is a technology-based initiative that aims at increasing and easing access to education for young mothers, children with disabilities, and those living in rural villages and refugee camps
Lead and Serve
Lead and Serve is an SEL approach that leverages everyday education as a tool for holistic development. Young persons learn the act of leading, by leading one-SELF before others. Leadership starts fro
School of Hidden Talent
We are trying to spread quality of education from rural to urban. We are inspiring students to get education for innovation based entrepreneur.
Kusi Kawsay: andean pedagogy
The Kusi Kawsay Association seeks to empower the children, youth and adults of Indigenous communities in the Sacred Valley near Cusco (Peru) through the creation and support of permanent and multidisc
Peddle ilabs
Peddle ilabs is an innovative solution, a mobile and digital classroom that is fitted either on a bicycle or motor cycle driven by an interractive study platform with mini computers powered by solar e
Accelerated school readiness program (ASRP)
ASRP addresses gaps in ECE access, especially among marginalized children. It is delivered in a shorter time, at lower costs, and results in positive outcomes for children. It complements efforts to i
ACADASUITE is committed to eradicating illiteracy in Africa starting with Nigeria. We offer quality, affordable and accessible education to learners without the underlying limitations of power supply,
Sijawara Plus
SiJawara Plus, a digital learning platform for the cooperative and SME's movement in the East Java region, Indonesia. there are 3.9 million cooperative members who have micro to medium enterprises wit