Mental Health innovations

The selection of innovations play a key role in understanding, discussing and sharing mental health needs & solutions.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Roots of Empathy
Roots of Empathy(ROE) is known as one of the earliest and clearest voices in the empathy dialogue. ROE, its flagship program for elementary school children, has reached 1 million children on four cont
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Blueprints - MUSE Global Schools
The MUSE School in California is challenging traditional assessment methods. Teachers at the school use student Blueprints as a guide and motivational tool for learning. Blueprints focus is not only a
Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Positive Education
Geelong Grammar School has pioneered a school-wide approach to student and staff wellbeing known as Positive Education. Based on the science of Positive Psychology, Positive Education aims to enable i
Afrogiveness Movement (#Afrogiveness)
Coined from "Africa" and "forgiveness", #Afrogiveness is a Peace Education Initiative that offers learning opportunities and psychosocial support to traumatized youth/student survivors of conflict/per
Aulas de Paz - Peace Classrooms
Aulas de Paz by Aseinc was born from the need to build a culture of peace & non-violence in vulnerable schools from urban & rural slums. It aims to spread the initiative and actions to families & comm
Evaluación socioemocional de Estudiantes
La evaluación de la condición socioemocional es un modelo que permite identificar la situación emocional de estudiantes de sistemas educativos para luego desarrollar un sistema de apoyos universales,
Hunu Teletherapy
It is no secret that early and intensive intervention for autism and social communication delays reduce symptoms but African families are finding it challenging to access interventions for their child
Comprehensive program for socioemotional and citizenship education & schools as territories of peace
In Bogotá (Colombia), citizens lived in a deeply unequal society, one with a history of violent dynamics that needed to be denaturalized. Due to their central position within communities, schools beca
Annie Advisor
According to research, only about 20% of students as for help in time. Annie is a chatbot that nudges students at the right times via text message to offer them help, lowering the threshold to ask an
Since 2014, Coschool have been developing and implementing SEL & teacher training initiatives in Colombia & Latin America. Edumocion is the result of all of this work; a one-stop-shop for Spanish spea
Acompañamiento virtual a familias de gestantes y niños menores de tres años
La educación tiene una base sólida en los primeros años; acompañamos a madres para mejorar practicas de crianza para lograr niños saludables-sin anemia; establezcan un vínculo-apego seguro; y logren r
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
APPLE Schools
APPLE Schools is a proven, school-based health promotion project that gives students positive experiences that prepare them for the challenges of the future. Students in APPLE schools lead the creatio