Literacy innovations

Literacy is a foundational skill and includes the ability to read and write in order to develop and understand oneself and the world.
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Read Smart
Read Smart is an innovative project to combat COVID-19 learning loss and improve early literacy outcomes based on the use of phonetic charts, illustrating the mouth positions associated with each soun
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Speed School
Speed School consists of a condensed curriculum covering the first three years of primary education. The Speed School model is being implemented and adapted across multiple African countries to help m
Mindspark Vernacular - Personalised Adaptive Learning
Mindspark is a Personalised Adaptive Learning (PAL) tool that solves misconceptions by providing students with competency-based individualised instruction. Through this, it enables Teaching at the Rig
EIDU has built a technology-supported education program enabling the integration, assessment and continuous improvement of its learning components. We combine an open digital platform with Tayari, one
Siyani Sahelian/wise friends: 2nd chance program for out of school adolescent girls in Pakistan
The innovative accelerated solution supports flexible catch up education options with life skills (9 modules) & certified TEVT skills for highly vulnerable adolescent girls (aged 9-19) in rural areas
Antura and the Letters
Free and open source mobile game helping refugee kids to learn to read in their mother languages as well as integrating in a new country by learning the local language. One single App offers both basi
ThinkZone's Home-based Learning Program
The program uses free, low-tech solutions to engage parents regardless of their income in their children’s learning journey. Delivered via voice calls, SMS & Whatsapp - the solution supports parents
Un violon dans mon école
A violin can change the world helps socially disadvantaged children perform better in school by teaching them to play the violin—a challenging instrument—through consistent instruction from ages four
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Thaki advances digital inclusion and bridges learning gaps by providing laptops with preloaded educational content for refugee and underserved communities in the Middle East. We leverage the circular
ThinkZone FLN Fellowship Program trains and supports youth to become education leaders via a blended approach of self-guided data-driven mobile technology and instruction-led learning. Youth become sk
Aula20 - Teacher Training Program
During Covid-19 pandemic, the comprehensive long-term program for K-12 teachers was adapted, so it would not be stopped during the quarantine. Teachers from urban and rural slums were reached via What
Nos Vemos en la Escuela (NVELE - See you Back in School) after COVID-19
Since 2019, NVELE creates alternative classrooms placed in any available community space to motivate children and adolescents (C&A) from slums and rural areas to return to school. During COVID-19, the