Critical Thinking innovations

The process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion.
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All over the world, we seek global attention for child change makers. We inspire through education and impactful partnerships! These Changemakers can only be effective knowing and living the SDGs.
Fundación Fútbol Más
Fútbol Más programs aim to strengthen processes of resilience, meaningful connections and community cohesion for boys, girls and youth through game and sports. To promote well-being inside schools, F
Mahara is open source software that enables students and professionals to create media-rich portfolios of their learning progress, achievements, and reflections.
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Peer Feedback using Comparative Judgment
Our innovation focuses on the pedagogical design of peer feedback using comparative judgment. Built on 4 years of research and design of effective practices in formative assessment at the IB, the curr
Acknowledging my STEM skills
STEM culture is the result of what we live, our context and reality. The first step to strengthen it is by acknowledging our STEM skills. Acknowledging them places us at the center of the learning pro
Global Network Badges (GNB)
GNB are inspired in the 6Cs promoted by the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) alliance. The 6Cs are 6 global competencies: character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity and cr
Walk the talk #NoFilter
We live in a world that urgently needs to transform the educational structures, turning the students into an active part of the conversation encouraging them to question the system they live in and em
If you are a teacher...
Teaching itself is an interesting and challenging ongoing process․ It is extremely important not only in the framework of public standards, but also of a meaningful change. By using motivational for
Fair Battles
With “Fair Battles”, students role-play by redesigning a foosball table to reflect their research on SDG topics such as poverty, consumerism & environment. One team has advantages (figures connected w
STEM Framework for latinamerican teachers
Movimiento STEM is the leader of the STEM Ecosystem in Mexico. Initiative by Global STEM Alliance and STEM Learning Ecosystems. We created the STEM teaching approach for Mexico and LATAM. Teachers acq
Ouriginal enables academic institutions, secondary schools, and corporates to improve efficiency and deliver quality content by providing a fully automated system for assessing the authenticity and or
Invigos - Empowering everyone to be a good writer.
Invigos’ cloud-based writing tool offers ‒ unlike MS Word and Google Docs ‒ inspiration to get started and guidance to continually manage the complexities of creating a well-written text. Ultimately,